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How to Remove Password from VBA Code Excel? Guide

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Published On September 13th, 2023
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Remove Password from VBA Code Excel

Summary: In this informative article, we will discuss how to remove password from VBA code Excel Workbook. Read this blog to learn about a unique solution that will help you complete this process easily.

As we all know, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a key component of Microsoft Office suite products (such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Access, etc.). VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications, is Microsoft’s programming language for Office applications.

Microsoft Excel is a very good platform to store your data safely. Also, Excel provides a very good feature to back up the data with the help of VBA code. But sometimes it happens that the user forgot the VBA code. Hence, users are looking for ways to VBA code to remove Excel Password VBA. And gets confused by so many solutions. So don’t worry! Here in this blog, you will find the most reliable solution to easily remove VBA password from Excel Workbook.

Moreover, in the next paragraph, you can find the manual methods to fix this problem. Make a backup copy of your data in a safe place beforehand as the manual method may lead to data loss.

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Remove Password from VBA Code Excel Manually

In the following section, we will mention the two different manual solutions. Read them carefully.

#1. Remove Password from Excel VBA Using Hex Editor

  • Open the hex editor and create an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Now enter the VBA password in the sheet.
  • Save the sheet and click Finish.
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet you created with the hex editor.
  • Then find the line with these letters CMG=…, DPB=…, and GC=… and copy it.
  • And remove the password from the VBA code you want to remove it from.
  • Then save the files and exit.
  • Lastly, just open the file you want to see and enter the VBA code you created in the first point.

2. Remove Excel Password VBA Using Workbook

  • First, Open the workbook with all protected sheets.
  • Now press the “Alt + F11” keys simultaneously to check sheets.
  • Now insert the code by typing insert-module.
  • Finally, close the VB editor and remove the VBA code by going to the workbook.

Now you can see that the above manual methods are so tedious and too complicated for non-technical users. And as mentioned above, these manual solutions have a limit on data loss.

So you need to use third-party software to easily remove the VBA code from Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Limitations of Manual Method

There are some limitations to unlocking VBA passwords using manual methods.

  • You will have to go through a lot of complex steps using manual methods, which can be very confusing.
  • When password restrictions are removed, the file format and data sequence may not change.
  • Using the manual method may require you to spend a lot of extra time, especially if you need to open different books.

Automated Solution to Remove Password from VBA Code Excel

The best software to remove VBA password from Excel is VBA Password Recovery Software. The application is the ideal solution to quickly recover your lost or forgotten password. It has advanced methods to remove complex, multilingual VBA files. doc,.docm,.dot,.dotm,.xls,.xlsm,.xlsb,.xlam,.xltm,.xlt,.xla,. files in a few clicks.

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This program has multiple features and a simple user interface. Also, this software is easy to use, with some simple steps to unlock VBA project password in MS access fix this problem. Also, this software has been tested by more than 40,000 users who have not found any issues with it.

Steps to VBA Code to Remove Password from Excel VBA Sheet

Step 1. Download and Run this Software.

VBA Password Remover Tool

Step 2. Select the file from which you want to remove the password.

Add VBA File

Step 3.If you need to remove the password from the added VBA files, then Select the Remove radio button.

Select the Remove

Step 4: Once you start removing the VBA file password, click the Remove button.

click the remove

Step 5. Last, simply, preview the status with file path and password.

preview the status

Last Words

In the above article, we have explained all possible techniques to remove password from VBA code Excel Workbook. We have mentioned two different manual methods to VBA code to remove password from Excel sheet. But these methods are not safe and secure for non-technical users. To cover this limitation for non-technical users, we have mentioned the best software that can easily fix this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Remove Password from Excel VBA?

  1. First, Download and Install the Software.
  2. Click Add File tab to add VBA File from your system.
  3. Select the Remove options to starts removal process.
  4. Finally, the application will display a complete report.

Q: Is it possible to mass remove passwords from protected VBA projects?

Yes, there are no limits! VBA Password Remover can open unlimited files at once without any problem.

Q: Is it possible to recover VBA.xla passwords with this tool?

Yes, this tool can remove VBA password from Excel from.xla and.xla files.

Q: Is it possible to recover the password from VBA code in a corrupted.doc file?

No, the software cannot help you remove Excel password VBA if the Office file is corrupted. Files must not be corrupted/password protected.

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