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Recover Photos From Disabled iPhone Without Backup – Top 2 Methods

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Published On December 27th, 2021
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The release of the iPhone 6 was long-awaited and IOS 8 as well. Which were released at one special event that was held by Apple Inc. Also, as it was recommended before, most of the new & existing users of the iPhone upgraded their old OS to the latest one i.e. iOS 8; with an expectation of having a somewhat better user experience. However, this upgrade turned into a kind of disaster for many users due to the bugs that were embedded with this new and latest OS. Many complaints came for iOS 8; loss of data being the most common and serious ones of them all. Business contact info, valuable photos, and favorite audios can be lost during the upgrade.

recover data on iphone without backup

This is not that much of a problem if there is a backup available on iPhone either with iTunes or using iCloud. However, you are bound to remain perplexed about how to recover photos from disabled iPhones without backup.

Also, with iTunes/iCloud, very limited data only can be retrieved. So, most of such people remain eager to find out how to recover data on iPhone version 4 or 5 or 6 or 6S or 7 without backup.

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Causes of Lost iPhone Data

  • Factory reset
  • Water damage
  • Accidental deletion
  • Upgrade of the system
  • File deleted a long time back
  • iPhone memory storage formatted

Top 2 Methods to Recover Photos from Disabled iPhone

restore data from disabled iphone

The Ground Reality of Recovering Photos from Disabled iPhone without Backup

If a user has never ever backed up his iDevice in iTunes. Then, this will come in the way of backing up his device when it is locked. So quite, unfortunately, in such a typical case, there is only a disabled iPhone from which the photos can be restored only with iTunes. So, here the take-home-point is that the user loses his data, including his apps, the data of those apps, his iPhone contacts, photos, audio/music and everything that was residing on his iPhone.

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ICloud to the Rescue

It is quite likely that if a user has iCloud sync & backup setup, then his chances of fetching all his apps data along with photos as well as contacts in iCloud stay on the higher side. In those cases, in fact, the user can easily proceed with a surety of restoring his iDevice from that iCloud backup and get it in the up & running mode with almost every single thing.

If however, the user’s iPhone device has got disabled owing to some wrong passcode entry, then he makes use of some other device. Which could either be an iPad or maybe some other iPhone only, for checking his data. If it is being synced to his iCloud account. One can make the login through his Apple ID through Settings? and then iCloud and after that syncing the device for seeing whether the contacts, mails, photos, etc.., along with other apps data is all available as the backup. This is one way of dealing with the issue.

Getting Back Data from iPhone

recover photos from iphone

  • Connect the iPhone to your system
  • And then, open iTunes
  • Now, you have to select the iPhone (from the top-right position of your screen or from the side pane)
  • And after that, click Restore in the Summary tab
  • If iTunes starts to proceed with a trouble-free restoration process. Then, your iPhone device would get wiped clean and also restored as fresh new device. Once this happens, the user can then carry on with the restoration of it from his iCloud ID.
  • However, in case iTunes is throwing up errors, then it is high time the user goes into the Recovery Mode
  1. Press & hold the Power & Home buttons till the user’s iPhone goes into a blank state i.e. the Black screen mode
  2. And then connect the phone to iTunes
  3. And finally, restore (iTunes detects that the device is in the mode of recovery)

Final Verdict

Take note of the fact that both the methods mentioned above are only going to wipe the data clean as the user is not having any backup already. If above given manual method is not useful for you, so I think you need to contact the iPhone data recovery service provider. Here you will definitely get the solution to recover photos from disabled iPhone without backup.

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