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Manually Ways – How to Backup Data From Locked Android Phone

Published By Raj Kumar
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 6th, 2023
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Locking an Android phone or device with the help of passwords or pattern locks is an important thing to be done as it helps in keeping the device safe and also prevents it from any unwanted intrusions. Password security also protects phone data, text messages, and other phone content and keeps all this protected against any threats and other privacy issues. The only problem with this password locking of Android phones is the need of remembering the passwords every time. In the case of changing the passwords and forgetting them, there arise problems. Surely passwords give security layers and avert unauthenticated intrusions and unwanted access to your phone; but at times, this locking feature plays havoc on forgetting screen lock. You yourself would be locked out from getting access to your own phone’s data. The users’ plight is that these Android phones get locked on entering wrong passwords.

unlock locked android phone

Users’ Queries Related to Take backup from Locked Android Phone

  • A user had set some new password in his Android phone but just after some days, that password skipped from his mind completely. Neither he had noted that anywhere. Even after consecutive attempts for opening the lock of his phone, he ended up with wrong passwords each time, and his phone got locked. All his crucial data that was stored in his phone was now completely out of his reach. Now, he was wondering how to backup data from locked Android phone!
  • In another incident, a user’s friend had suddenly passed away. His family had asked this user to help them in recovering his dead friend’s pictures as well as videos from his android phone, which posed a great problem for him, because the phone had keylock enabled in it, and along with that the USB debugging had been disabled. There was even no such external SD card present for pulling out that precisely means that all his photos had been saved on internal phone memory. The user wanted to get the data dumped out without bypassing the lock.

Tips to Backup Data from Locked Android Phone Manually

Different Manual Methods to Come off Such Tricky Situations

METHOD 1: Unlock the Android Device Using Google Account

unlock android device with google account

  • Input just about any password
  • Phone alerts you about wrong password five times
  • Try again after another thirty seconds
  • You see option for “Forgotten the password”
  • Now, input your Google account & password
  • With this, device unlocks easily

(Note: Make sure that your Android phone is connected with Internet, or else this won’t work and you cannot log into the Google account to remove phone’s pattern lock)

METHOD 2: Reset the Android Phone to Its Factory Settings

Reset the Android Phone to Its Factory Settings

  • First of all, power off the Android phone
  • Now, you can either press “Power” button & “Volume +” in the HTC devices
  • Or you can also press “Power” button, “Volume +” & then “Home” button alternatively in the Samsung devices
  • With this, you enter Recovery Mode
  • Here, click “wipe data/factory reset” & also “wipe cache partition” for wiping out all settings as well as phone data
  • And now, reboot the phone
  • Pattern lock goes

(Note: Perform this method only for something very important that is not backed up as all data saved in device would get deleted)


So you have seen how easy it is to unlock the locked Android phones. After doing this, the first thing you can do is to call efficient commercial recovery team for Android data recovery process for recovering all the lost data like photos etc from your previously locked Android device. Many users have corroborated and conformed to the efficiency of the SysTools team in this regard; and in fact to be one of the leading companies in this recovery industry with sturdy solutions and powerful recovery options. The team can help you get back lost data including songs, videos, photos, contacts and text messages from your Android phone even when that is lost. Deep scanning feature of their tools effectively track all lost as well as deleted phone data. Calling the experts means half the battle won for any user suffering from the plight of losing critical data due to phone lock.