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Recover Corrupted Tally Data Files – Restore ERP Deleted Data

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 6th, 2023
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Tally is basically a computer tool used widely by individual users, and even SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses). Tally is a thorough Accounting, Taxation, Inventory and Payroll solution. With constant updates and every now and then fresh new features, Tally has become a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program in itself that is able to do accounting tasks, billing work, banking job, sales work and even profit analysis tasks, along with inventory, taxation (TDS, VAT and TCS) and reporting as well. This is what Tally is all about. It can really do all this and much more than this tool.

Why We Need to Recover Corrupted Tally Data Files

All the data and information about various business processes like maintaining balance sheets, profit analysis, loss accounts; record and financial transactions are all recorded and saved within Tally. Handling such critical tasks, the data saved in this program thus becomes highly crucial and significant for the users, be it an individual or an organization using it. Your tally data files become corrupted or damaged; you might encounter an error or some notification messages.

Reasons for Tally Data Getting Corrupted

Tally’s leading software is being used widely for accounting purposes as it is offering inbuilt protection for averting the chances of data loss. However, in some very unfortunate and probably unforeseen situation, even the best protection fails and sturdy tally features are unable to regain that lost data for its users. This may happen because of various causes and these are some of the ‘more-than-obvious’ ones owing to which Tally data might get corrupted or damaged just like any other database:

  • Virus infections
  • Power surge or power failure
  • Natural calamities like flood or fire etc
  • Accidental files’ deletion
  • Wrong system shutdown
  • Hard drive crash
  • Physical damage caused to the media
  • Corrupt backups
  • Corrupted application data
  • Media being corrupted



Manual Solution to Recover Corrupted Tally Data Files

The solution to such a problem is an easy one without needing that much of tally expertise. Let us first gain knowledge of some of the features and the functioning of the Tally program, version 7.2 in particular.

The Condition

Most often than not, whenever your Tally data becomes corrupt, you might see an error just like below:
“Exiting Tally,
File Damaged
File: ‘C:/Tally/Data/0001/Tr01324.500’
Size;- 43136
Position; 42880
Char;-128 (Done 128)”
If you are receiving such an error message same as that given above; then, unfortunately, the chances of data loss are very high. For the tally data recovery process in such type of situations, the Tally program itself offers an easy workaround that is a company-rewrite option that checks all the data files for all the valid entries and helps in recreating your company profile with only that data which is valid and that can be recovered.

The Method

  • First, start the Tally program
  • And then, on the screen, go to the window for active Company Selection
  • Now press Ctrl + Alt + R keys for launching the utility for Company Rewrite
  • Select the corrupted company profile (in most of the cases, this is that profile that you might be working just before the corruption took place)
  • Press Enter for starting the process of rewriting or recover corrupted tally data files

Tips to Avoid Data Loss or Corruption in Tally

  • Practice taking the backup of your critical Tally data on a regular basis most definitely. Be almost religious in this practice. Make a habit in fact!
  • Also, if you want to save yourself from such mishap, then it is suggested and in fact, highly recommended that you must avoid the use of multiple Tally application versions simultaneously
  • Also, always it’s a point to make one particular folder for Tally for saving its data
  • Another tip to avert the chances of data loss or data corruption while dealing with Tally data is to make use proper power backup whenever you are working on your machine
  • Try giving a name to your backup folder in such a way that the name is either based on the month or on the day. Month-wise folder naming or day-wise naming of Tally data backup folder would always help you in adverse situations to extract out the data as per your requirement at that time


The Tally Data Recovery service is always at your disposal to recover corrupted Tally data files and save the data that is extracted henceforth on your local system.

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