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How can you Merge VCF Files into One File? – Simple Solution!

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Published On February 19th, 2024
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To merge VCF files into one especially in bulk can be overwhelming for some people, however, it doesn’t have to be like this. In this technical blog, we will guide you through the whole process to combine multiple VCF files into one. So read the full article to resolve your issues regarding this topic.

How to Combine VCF Files into One?

The VCF, aka Virtual Contact Files, also known as the vCard files are the standard contacts information storing format. These files store the contact and the other relevant information in different fields in their interface.

The vCard format is compatible with many different platforms. However, most of the people have multiple contacts to be stored but, managing a single VCF file for every single contact would be quite a hassle. Hence, it is preferred to merge VCF files into one. This increases both, the effectiveness and the productivity.

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Why Should You Combine Multiple VCF Files into One?

There are many reasons to combine VCF files into one, and some of them are listed below.

  • Data Management: If you have hundreds of contacts data, it only makes sense to have them as one instead of individual VCF files. This is due to the fact that a single vCard file is always easier to handle than hundreds of individual files.
  • Shareability: If you have any collaborative projects going on or you just need to share your contacts data with family or friends, it is better to merge VCF files into one. This is because compared to sharing hundreds of data files it will be much less overwhelming to share only one file with all the data in it.
  • Storage Management & Data Retrieval: Storing the contacts data in a single file will be the optimal choice to manage storage instead of multiple data scattered across the system. This will also ease the process of data retrieval, if need be.

The Manual Way to Combine VCF Files into One

  1. Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  2. Put in the “cmd” command and click on “Enter”. This will open up the command prompt.
  3. Select the folder containing all the vCards from which you want to merge VCF files into one.
  4. Now, type the following command: (copy *.vcf abc combined vCard.vcf). Here, abc combined vCard – Name of resultant VCF file.
  5. There will be a single vCard file for all the vCard files named. “All.vcf”.
  6. Now, you can very easily share & import this resultant file.

So, this was the manual method to combine VCF files into one.

Drawbacks of the Manual Way

Unfortunately, the manual way of merging VCF files into one has some disadvantages. For some, these drawbacks could be the deal-breaker for the method as well. Let us look at some of them.

  • Technical Know-How: To execute this procedure successfully, one needs to have at least some level of technical knowledge. A complete novice can not accomplish this task easily and even if he did then, it won’t be without any hiccups!
  • Confusing Process: This whole process is super confusing to say the least. If you have never given this method a shot then, the success rate of this method is considerably low.
  • Risky Affair: This method is kind of dangerous for your data because, one wrong move and all your data can be lost.

Expert’s Way to Combine Multiple VCF Files into One

For the execution of the automated process to merge VCF files into one we have brought you an exception tool that will make the process of merging of buttery-smooth. The tool we would suggest you use is, “SysTools VCF Merge Tool”. This is a very special tool and it is recommended by the industry leader as well. We will talk about it a bit more later.

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Process to Merge VCF Files into One with the help of the Automated Solution

  1. Download and Run the Software.
    run the tool
  2. On the left of the tool’s interface, click on the option, “Add Folder”.
    add file and add folder
  3. Browse the system and choose the folder that contains the VCF files you want to merge.
    browse files to merge vcf files into one
  4. Click on the Export option and choose the files you want to merge.
    export options
  5. Click on the ‘Merge vCard ’ option.
    merge a vcard option
  6. Now, click on the “Browse” option and select a destination location for your files.
    export option button
  7. Hit on the “Export” button.
    browse option
  8. And, your process to combine VCF file into one is finished successfully.
    process complete

Advantages of utilizing this Professional Solution

This amazing tool has some unparalleled advantages, that makes your journey to merge VCF files into one, a cake walk. Let us look at some of them.

  • User-friendly UI: This tool has a very easy to understand UI, that even a novice can understand. Hence, no specific technical knowledge is required for operating this tool.
  • Supports all vCard versions: This professional solution is compatible with all the vCard versions.
  • Merge & Split Options: This solution also provides the features of Split and Merge. Through these options you can split and merge your vCard files as per your needs.
  • Data Integrity: While the working of this tool, the original data and the data formatting remains untouched. Therefore, maintaining the data integrity of the files.


Q) How do I combine multiple VCF files?
A) As we have shown in this technical blog, you can use the automated solution to merge VCF files into one.

Q) Can a VCF file have multiple contacts?
A) Yes, a vCard file can have many contacts and their info in it.

Q) How many contacts can a VCF file hold?
A) There is no limit to that! As we discussed in the article, if you merge all of your VCF files then, there is no limit to how much contacts data can a vCard file hold.


In this blog, we discussed the whole process to combine VCF files into one with the help of an awesome automated solution. This is an expert recommended tool which lets you merge VCF files into one without any hassle. We would suggest that you should give it a try and decide for yourself. This solution provides 10 trials at absolutely no cost and that should be more than enough for you to make up your mind, whether you want to go with it or not.

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