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How to Import Multiple VCF Files into Excel – Explained Here

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Published On October 19th, 2023
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Want to know how to import multiple VCF files into Excel? We all know that documents and contact files play an equally important role in people’s daily lives. But sometimes contact files may better serve your needs. Keeping this situation in mind in this article, we will figure out how to transfer VCF contacts to Excel format. Here we will use manual and professional techniques to show you complete detail about VCF to Excel conversion.

In today’s collaborative work environment, multiple users in the office often need to access the same documents. If you use Microsoft Excel, you can share the spreadsheet, but only one user can change the data at a time. It collects and organizes data, which is one of its simplest uses. Information can be easily arranged in neat columns and rows, and then sorted by information type. Although viewing large data sets in their original state can be overwhelming, the tools in the program allow users to create presentations, analyze data in them and insert them into pie charts or tables for simple opening and interpretation. 

Are You also Facing a Similar Problem?

Let’s look at some other questions from users to understand the problem of importing VCF / vCard files into Excel.

“I’ve been working on Outlook for years now. I did all the things like email etc. in Outlook but now my Outlook Address Book is not showing the correct email address mapping. Can everybody tell me another way to import multiple VCF files into excel, so that I don’t have to face the same problem again.”

“Hello, I am an HR at a well-known company. Due to my work, I have collected many contacts from employees who work in my office and people who come for interviews. I want a more viable way to move vCard files to excel, but I don’t know how to transfer vCard files in Excel file format. “

Methods to How to Import Multiple VCF Files into Excel

Solution 1: Open VCF to Excel

Follow the Steps below:

  • Select the File tab in the top left corner and then click Open

Click open tap

  • Click the dropdown menu in the lower-right corner of the window, then click All Files. Select all the vCard files you want to import into Excel and then double click on the file



  • Select Delimited at the top of the window, then Select Next


  • Click the Tab option in the Delimiters at the top of the window and then click Next

Click on tap option

  • In step 2, make sure Tab, Semicolon and Other options are selected
  • Type a colon (:) in the box next to the Other field
  • Check the preview to add or remove separators until you are satisfied
  • Click Next to continue


  • The last step is usually optional unless you want to change the data format of a column. You can delete any unnecessary column at this step
  • Click Finish to see the results


  • The last step is usually optional unless you want to change the data format of a column. You can delete any unnecessary column at this step
  • Click Finish to see the results


  • After selecting the Finish tab, you will see the VCF data on the worksheet.

Import VCF to Excel

  • You can also import any VCF vCard file into your existing workbook by moving it. You can find import tools in the Data tab of the ribbon.


Solution 2:  Transfer VCF Contacts File to Excel – Use Outlook Application

  • Open your MS Outlook Account and click on the “File” option
  • Now click on the Import/Export Wizard


  • Select Import a vCard file and Click Next


  • Now you can see your vCard file in Outlook contact wizard open and Click the Next Tab


  • Next, Choose the Contacts folder. Then click on “Next


  • Now the user can save the CSV file to the desired location. If the user wants to change his location, he can press the Browse button and click Next.


Method 3: Using Window Address Book Contacts (WAB)

The following method is for an orphaned vCard file that you can save using the Windows Address Book:

  • Navigate to the location where your vCard file is stored
  • If you can’t find your VCF file, click Win+R, your contact folder will arrive
  • Select Export in the navigation wizard
  • Select comma separated values ??and select a destination.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

The above method is quite helpful, but on the other hand, it has too many drawbacks. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Manual Method takes a Long Process
  • The field attribute may be misplaced
  • Assignment error (assign vCard with Outlook attributes)
  • This technique requires more effort and human time
  • A difficult task for a non-technical person.

Alternative Solution to Import Multiple VCF Files into Excel CSV

The above two methods are undoubtedly effective methods, but it is always a good decision to have the second option. SysTools VCF to CSV Converter Tool helps you to allow users to import multiple VCF contact files in Excel CSV format without losing related information. All types of Windows users can easily use the software without any special training. Because it is compatible with all versions of Windows and provides a very simple graphical interface. The software provides several expert functions that set it apart from all other tools.

Do You Want to try Software For Free? Download the Demo Version!

If you are in that group and want to evaluate the functionality of the tool before investing in it. So we understand your needs. You can start using it now and see how the software works. It is also free.

For a free demo version of the software, press the green button below. This allows each user to export up to 10 contact files to Excel CSV format. To convert unlimited VCF files to Excel CSV format, update your license key.

How to Import Multiple VCF Files into Excel CSV? Software Working

The way the software works is very easy and simplified. Users just need to follow the below simple steps to complete this task:

  •  First you Need to Download and Install Software on Your System

Download Now Purchase Now

  • Then the software offers dual options: Add File or Folder

Click on Add File or Folder

  • After that, Preview all VCF files with all contacts details

Preview all VCF files

  •  Select the Excel CSV file select button and then click the “Browse” tab

Select on Browse

  • Click the “OK” button on the user interface of the program.

vCard viewer-CSV

  • Click the “Exportbutton to export multiple VCF files with all detailed information to Excel CSV format.

Click on Export Options


In this blog, we explained the complete solution to import multiple VCF files into Excel. It will help you import and save VCF contacts on any Windows system. We explained the step-by-step process to help make data transfer easy. Use the automated tools mentioned above to get a safe solution.

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