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Memory Card Not Formatted Error Showing – Complete Tutorial

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Published On November 6th, 2023
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Learn How to Fix “Memory Card Not Formatted Error” in Memory Cards

“I love traveling and visited various countries on my last holidays. I have taken so many pictures there. They were located on the SD card of my digital camera. I thought to move all those pictures to my computer and in order to do this when I turned on my camera; I encountered an unwanted error message i.e. “The disk is not formatted.” My card was nearly full & stored my favorite videos as well as images, but every time I tried to access my SD card, an error occurred. Can anyone tell me anyway to resolve the error displaying on my mobile phone that memory card is not formatted?”

The reason behind mentioning the above query is to make it clear that sometimes, it is possible to encounter these types of issues with the SD card. In such circumstances, users look for some method to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a relevant method to fix it. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the methods to rectify the “memory card not formatted” error. However, before that, it is important to know the types of error message along with the causes behind it.

The Types of Error Messages a User May Encounter

  • SD card not formatted
  • SD card cannot be used
  • Cannot format the SD card
  • SD card is inaccessible
  • Your memory card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

memory card not formatted error

Major Causes of the Memory Card Not Formatted Error

  • Damaged or corrupted SD memory card
  • Sudden shutting down of the camera
  • Inability of the camera to write images
  • Problem created by the third party application
  • Improper removal of memory card while the camera was working
  • Disturbance during the transfer of images from SD memory card to the computer directly
  • SD memory card format after a very long time
  • Frequent format of SD card on the computer instead of camera
  • Micro memory card is Write-protected
  • Usage of camera in low battery
  • Usage of memory card at time it is about to full
  • Usage of SD card in various system as well as in cameras
  • Camera or the phone does not support the SD memory card

Some Tips to Prevent Errors in SD Memory Card

The user needs to keep in mind certain things to avoid the error in memory card:

  • Use SD card in an appropriate manner in the camera
  • Try not to use the camera in low battery
  • Format the SD card in the camera itself instead of system or computer
  • Ensure that the battery of the camera is full at the time of beginning of the transfer process from memory card to system

Solution to Rectify SD Memory Card Not Formatted Error Message

Users can go for the manual methods, to fix the error message “SD card is not formatted.” These are some methods to fix this issue:

Method 1

You can reboot the phone or the camera. This is will stop the application, which is used by the SD card currently. In case this does not work then, you can boot the phone into Safe mode.

Note: This is possible if you are using a mobile phone

Method 2

Sometimes it is possible that the SD card is write-protected and saying not formatted. In such situations, it is not possible to format a write-protected card. Therefore, you have to remove the write protection in order to format the data.


Data is important to all and if this data includes the memories in the form of images or videos then, it becomes more important. Nobody wants to lose it and sometimes the error as “memory card not formatted” may disturb a user. Therefore, after considering the major causes of this problem, we have come up with the manual solutions to remove this error and recover data from mobile phone SD card. Users may also take the help of third-party utility for fast and accurate results. Users need to keep in mind the certain tips as mentioned above to avoid such errors.

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