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How to Make Video Using Google Photos? The Quick & Proficient Solution

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Published On July 13th, 2018
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This blog helps you to know the basic steps and requirements for how to make video using Google Photos on your smartphone or personal computers. It efficiently navigates you through the specific steps for creating movie using Google photos on your phone. Explore the blog for gathering more proper knowledge on the same.

Nowadays technology is ruling the lives of users by making it smooth and easy. Every day some advancements in the technology are taking place. The best example of technology is clicking pictures and capturing memories just by one touch/click. Cameras on smartphones play an important role in every person’s life as everyone wants to capture everything. People love to capture the movements that are worthy of capturing.

                                        how to create movie in google photos

Create Movie From Google Photos!!

A large variety of Android and iOS platform device are released to the market nowadays. And all of them comes with automatic movie makers that generate amazing movies by using a collection of photos and videos. Users can now know, how to make video using Google Photos on their own including some special themes also. For example, Valentine’s Day Movie, Smiles of 2017, Mother’s Day Movie, Father’s Day Movie, Selfie movie, etc. This is one of the great feature added by Google to its photo management platform, Google Photos. It has made easy for users to manually create themed videos in just a bunch of steps.

Both Android and iOS users who have Google Photos app and people who use the Google web can avail this feature. You can create Movies in Google Photos or allow Google by choosing photos according to your choices, add music of your choice to create a custom video. To create your own animation movie in Google Photos, you just have to scroll to the Assistant tab on your Google Photos, tap on “Movie”. This application will automatically create a video by using Google Photos.

How to Make Video Using Google Photos? Stepwise Procedures

A user can create or edit videos via Google Photos by following the simple steps discussed below:

Steps to Make Video in Google Photos

Note: This method is not applicable for the users working on older devices.

  1. First of all, you have to open Photos app on your Android phone or a tablet
  2. After that, sign in to your Google Account first
  3. Then, go to the Assistant tab at the bottom
  4. Next, click on the Movie option from the top
  5. Now, you need to choose the photos from Google Photos that you want in the video
  6. After that, from the top-right corner, click on the Create option
  7. Then, to have a look at the newly created video, click on the Play button
  8. Give a unique and well-suited title to it by clicking at Untitled at the top of the screen

Suggestion: You can choose a theme also before you start to make video using Google Photos. And it will then create the movie with that selected theme automatically.

Steps to Edit Video Created Using Google Photos

  1. Go to the location of video that you want to edit
  2. Then, simply click on the Edit button

In order to change the background music, click on the Music option

Change location and delete the video

  • Click and hold the video to drag it to some other location.
  • If you want to delete the video, click on the More >> Remove.
  • When the process completed successfully, click on the Save button.

By following the steps mentioned above, a user can easily create and edit the video made by using Google Photos. Using this application one can create a video by choosing the photos of their choice. Desktop users can also take advantage of this new feature of the Google Photos. This is one of the easiest ways to capture all moments in one video and play it whenever a user wants to refresh his/her memories. So, this how to make video using Google photos on smartphone & desktop computers.

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