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Possible Ways Know How to Deal with an Insufficient Data Disc Space in SQL Server

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Published On December 27th, 2021
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While chipping away at SQL Server Database Engine, clients regularly face the issues identified with inadequate disk space, particularly during the recovery procedure. SQL server once in a while may require additional disk space to recover files. In this blog, we will attempt to understand how to deal with an insufficient data disk space in SQL server.


  • Disk Space Error

Database Engine shows errors like 1101 or 1105 in the situations where extra disk space is required for performing tasks. If the database is on the network and the disk space gets full, the database, nonetheless, stays on the network yet the addition of more data is beyond the realm of imagination. In the event that the same occurs during recovery, Database engine marks it as a pending resource. So, it comes down to clients to find a way to make space accessible for additional tasks. Let us discuss the next way to know How to Deal with an Insufficient Data Disc Space in SQL Server.

  • Fixing the Disk Space Issue

You can take a few activities to determine the issue of disk space inaccessibility. Since the activities won’t occur further as long as there is no disk space so there must be some client contribution to free up space.

The least difficult methodology is free disk space on the full disk. It should be possible by removing indexes or tables which are pointlessly procuring space to help up the size on the disk. You ought to likewise consider the error message and make sense of the issue. freeing up some space by expelling unnecessary tables can permit the files in the filegroup to work appropriately. If the error is happening during the recovery procedure of the database, at that point you should attempt to is SQL Server Data Migration of the database after the resolution of the error to evade information misfortune. The user can download the trial version of this application from here.

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  • Adding Files to a Different Disk

In the event that the Database engine shows error of disk space inaccessibility, at that point you can have including files a different disk using Transact-SQL. It ought to unravel the disk space issue as you are currently utilizing disk space of various disk to add files. You can try adding files to various disk with the assistance of ALTER DATABASE command and characterizing the ‘filegroup’ name.

On the other hand, you can likewise move the databases by determining another location. For this use option, FILENAME Clause of ALTER DATABASE statement and move the Full-text catalog files, logs, and Data to a new location.

You can likewise use SQL Server Management Studio to add files on some other disk and that can let free space. There is an option of Object Explorer in SQL management Studio where clients can specify Autogrowth column for example file growth and clients can likewise specify a most extreme size limit for files as indicated by the accessible disk space.

  • Expanding File Size and Recovery of Database

When the Autogrow is disabled and the database is online, and there is accessible disk space then clients can manually take a stab at expanding the record size so a solitary development addition can be delivered.

Clients can likewise take a stab at enabling Autogrow with the assistance of Alter Database statement to fix a non-zero addition in Filegrowth Option. So now clients can essentially build the MAXSIZE value to resolve the issue for both the cases.

So far we have discussed How to Deal with an Insufficient Data Disc Space in SQL Server For a situation when the SQL database file is very damaged or corrupt, the above-portrayed technique. In this way, the best option is to use an effective third-party tool. Presently, the issue is there are several recovery tool out there in the market, and which one would the user be able to trust?

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So, we propose the expert Enterprise-Grade database recovery tool by to recover the database in SQL Server. Also, this astonishing and amazing asset fix profoundly corrupted MDF and NDF database files. In addition, it can recover all the database objects like Triggers, Rules, Stored Procedures, etc. Additionally, the tool permits the client to recover deleted SQL database objects.

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