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How to Use Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server – Complete Guide

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Published On November 26th, 2021
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Do you want to know how to use Copy Database Wizard in SQL server (that is using SQL Server Management Studio)? Then this article is for you!

A SQL Server instance contains a few objects, and if you ever you have to move those objects from the offered instance to another at that point manually moving them won’t be an astute activity. For moving your SQL objects starting with one instance then onto the next, you should use the Copy Database Wizard. Using this wizard, you can’t just copy certain database objects yet in addition to complete databases, that too with no sort of server downtime. By using this wizard, you can perform the accompanying activities easily. Before going to describe how to use copy database wizard in SQL Server let us explore more about Copy database wizard in SQL Server.

What is the Copy Database Wizard?

Copy Database Wizard is another feature from SQL Server 2005 onwards. You can use this feature to copy move databases between various instances of SQL Server. It very well may be used for the beneath purposes.

  1. Move a database when the database is as yet accessible to clients by using the SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) technique.
  2. Move a database by the quick attach and detach technique with the database inaccessible during the transaction.
  3. Move databases between various examples of SQL Server 2005.
  4. Update databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
  • Authorization Required

To utilize the Copy Database Wizard, you should be an individual from the sysadmin fixed server role on the source and destination servers. To move databases by using the detach and attach strategy, you should have file system access to the file system share that contains the source database files.

Steps Know How to Use Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server

  • Open SSMS in source or destination server.
  • Right-click on any of the databases and afterward click on Tasks from the select Copy database wizard.
  • Click on Next to continue with the wizard.
  • Enter the Server name and credentials of the server.
  • After this click on Next and this screen give the destination server and its credentials.
  • When the source and destination server details were given, you have to choose the way by which you are going to copy and move the database.
  • Clients will be disconnected and physical files of the DB will be copied to the destination server.

When it succeeded the DB will be moved to the destination server. You can use sys.databases catalog view to check the same. So far we have discussed about How to Use Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server. Let us have a look at its limitations also.

Limitations in Copy Database Wizard in SQL Server

  1. You can’t use the Copy Database Wizard for moving databases that are system, set apart for replication, stamped inaccessible, offline, loading, recovering, in Emergency mode, or suspect. It additionally confines you from moving databases that have log files or data present in MS Azure Storage.
  2. This doesn’t permit you to move or copy your database in an older version of SQL Server release.
  3. If you have chosen the Move option, the wizard will consequently erase the data of the database once it is moved.
  4. In the event that you use the detach and attach option, it will separate the database and reattach its numerous files to another location after moving or copy them. There is a chance of data loss and irregularity in this technique it is in this manner encouraged to abstain from attaching active sessions to the databases that are experiencing the moving or copying process

At the point when you intend to keep the SQL Server database fit as a fiddle, do consider the SysTools SQL Server Database Migration tool to manage SQL server database data.

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In this article we have discussed How to Use Copy Database Wizard in SQL ServerCopy Database Wizard is an incredible resource beginning from SQL Server 2005 to move copy the databases from source to destination server. This will make our work less difficult. Moreover, if you are facing a problem in accessing the database the best way to recover the database is by using the automated solution.

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