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How to Copy SQL Database Schema without Data in SQL Server – Complete Guide

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Published On November 12th, 2022
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how to Copy SQL Database Schema

Summary: This article will focus on How to copy SQL database schema without data in SQL Server using SSMS and an automated SQL Database Exporter (developed by SysTools).

While working on a SQL Server database, there can be circumstances where you wish to copy a database in from one server to another server, with blueprint data just and not the data. This should be possible in different manners; a couple of the fundamental ones include:

  1. Separate the script from the source database, and run it for a new, empty database, this can likewise be the objective to copy the objects in the source database.
  2. The backup source database recovers the backup to a target database, and afterward erase the data in the table.
  3. The backup source database recovers data in the database and ensures you shorten tables before you back up this database, at long last recover this backup to your objective database.

These arrangements are dependable however somewhat muddled, and easier to understand, yet presumably protracted choice that relatively few DBAs select is utilizing a DAC Package for the same. The main limitation that accompanies this is users have to approach the 2008 R2 edition or later versions of SQL Server. Otherwise, it’s difficult for them to learn how to Copy SQL Database Schema.

Note: To have the option to utilize a DAC Package for backing up just the objects of a SQL Server database, you ought to approach the Data level Application Framework, which is additionally alluded to as DacFx.

Export SQL Server Database Schema Using Automated Application

Quick Solution: In order to learn how to Copy SQL Database Schema without data go automated. Try this Enterprise Grade Level software “SysTools SQL Server Migrator” to Export the SQL Server database with Schema and Without schema according to your requirements. You can download the FREE EDITION of this advanced application from here

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You can download the software from above and perform the following steps:

Step-1. Click on the Open button to begin the operation.

step-1. click on open button

Step-2. If you are on live SQL server, choose Online Mode or if you are using offline files choose Offline mode.

step-2. select online or offline mode

Step-3. Provide the Authentication and Select the database. Click on the OK button.

step-3. Select database here

Step-4. The tool will run a scan and will preview all the objects present in the database. Click on Export.

step-4. preview database files

Step-5. Choose Export Type and Select the Radio button “With only schema”. Click on Export.

step-5. how to Copy SQL Database Schema

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In this blog, we got to know about How to Copy SQL Database Schema without Data in SQL Server. Moreover, the SQL Recovery tool is also there to recover the data if the database files got corrupted. We’re pretty sure that users can easily provide best results using this advanced solution.

For more such queries, you can email us & we will make sure to provide the best solution in the faster possible time.  We understand how difficult these small tasks can be. Also the consequences of executing the operation in the wrong manner. Hence, we’re here to provide users with the best-in-class solution.