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VCFvcf file conversion Pro Tool

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vCard Converter Tool to convert multiple vCard files to CSV and PST file formats. It transfer VCF contacts files into multiple file format on Windows PC in batch. The utility also provides options for merge or split vCard VCF contact files.

  • Facility to convert VCF files to PST and CSV file formats
  • Transfer single VCF and multiple VCF contact files
    VCF Converter can move contacts and its fields like name, email address, phone number, company, photos to PST or CSV formats quickly.
  • vCard Converter Tool support VCF file conversion in batch
  • Supports VCF files
    Vcard Converter tool can support various VCF file from different vCard versions namely, vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, and vCard 4.0.
    from convert multiple vcf files to csv file iCloud, GSuite, Skype etc.
  • Facility to sort vCard file contacts
    Using this VCF File Conversion software, one can sorts multiple vCard .vcf contacts in alphabetical, or by size and date order. This option allows a user to search in VCF contact files with ease.
    into any desired order
  • Provide options to transfer modified or altered VCF files
  • Utility does not imposes any size restrictions on the files

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vCard Converter Tool Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of VCF vcard vcf files to csv in batch Pro Tool

List Special Features of VCF File Conversion Software

export vcard file to csv and pst

Convert vCard to PST & CSV

After screening vCard file data, the user can transfer VCF files to multiple file formats such as PST and CSV. That is, this software provides an option to convert vCard VCF files to CSV and VCF to PST file format from both single and multiple vCard files.

bulk vcf to csv Migrator

Batch Process VCF Files

The vCard Converter Tool provides multiple options to migrate vcard contacts. It can work with both vCard file with a single contacts and VCF file with multiple contacts. All the contacts can be move through the Windows Explorer-like interface.

Vcard contacts to pst or VCf files to csv

Move Selective VCF Contacts

VCF File Conversion utility provides the selective migration of contacts in vCard file. It allows a user to select and transfer only the required contacts from VCF file contact list effortlessly.

Vcf files to pst or vcard to csv

Transfer Selective VCF Files

The VCF to CSV migration application provides the option to export only the desired vCard files. It helps to avoid the conversion of the unwanted VCF files from the browsed vCard files list.

split vCard files into multiple files

Split vCard Contacts & Files

The vCard Converter Tool provides a provision to split VCF files and VCF contacts selectively as well as in bulk. Also the product can maintain the entire contact information such as name, image, address, email, phone number etc. intact even after split.

Merge vCard vcf files

Merge VCF Contacts & Files

The VCF bulk vcard vcf files into csv Pro Version provides an option to merge VCF contacts or VCF files selectively as well as in batches. This facility is available when the user selects Add Folder option. It also merges VCF contacts from various files collectively to form an individual vCard file.

Sort vcard .vcf contact files

Option to Sort Contacts of VCF File

There is an option provided by this utility to sort contact information and arrange it in ascending order. Sort contacts according to size, name or date of creation. All the contacts will be sorted and arranged according to user’s choice. The VCF Conversion wizard works with all versions of VCF file including version 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.

vcard to pst in windows

Support All Platform VCF File

The vCard Converter tool can work with a VCF file from any application and open it for transferring. It does not require any software to be installed on the machine to convert vCard VCF file contacts. The vCard file can be from any email application like vcard files to csv in windows Gmail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird etc. The vCard to PST Conversion utility supports VCF file from all platforms.

How To Convert VCF Contacts to PST or CSV Format in Batch?

Steps to Transfer VCF Data Using vCard Converter Tool
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convert vcf file to pst freeware
Related FAQ'S to VCF File Conversion Utility
“I have multiple vCard contacts saved in my Windows operating system. So I want to know whether I can convert vCard to PST file using this utility?”

Ans: Yes, you can transfer vCard ,vcf files to PST format using this application. There is a folder option provided by the product to upload multiple vCard contacts to .pst format.

“I have just exported my iPhone contacts to VCF file. I want to know whether the photos with my numbers can will also be converted if I use this VCF file Conversion software?”

Ans: Yes, this product works with all latest versions of VCF file including version 4.0 that uses photographs as a contact field. All contact photos will be moved to the desired format from a VCF file.

“I have over 1000 vCard contacts that I need to convert VCF to PST format for my company. I need to move multiple files in bulk. I want to know, is there a file size limition for vCard Converter Tool?”

Ans: No, The vCard pro wizard does not implement any file size limitation on .vcf files while transferring vCard to CSV and PST formats.

“I would like to know if the tool guarantees that there will be no data loss during conversion of VCF to CSV and PST?”

Ans: Yes, the tool ensures that there will be no data loss during migration of VCF files to PST or vCard to CSV file formats.

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