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How to Get Import Contacts from vCard to Blackberry – Quick Solution

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Published On October 19th, 2023
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Overview: Are you confused looking for a solution to import contacts from vCard to Blackberry Phone? If so, don’t panic. Here in this blog, we have found an easy and reliable way to transfer VCF contacts to Blackberry Phone.

In today’s modern world, smartphones are the most prominent development. There isn’t even anyone who isn’t using the phone. Blackberry phones come with many applications, among all who know Blackberry and its growing popularity. With the help of this application, the user can keep in touch with the people who are in the Blackberry contact list through SMS or online calls. However, in this article, we will discuss a reliable approach for solving the most requested user requests, which is how to import contacts from vCard to Smartphone?

However, there are many people who want to move all their address books from VCF to their phone because they want to communicate with their business customers anywhere, anytime. So to understand the whole scenario, let’s look at the real problems users face.

“Hi! I have been using Blackberry smartphone for 15 years. And due to my professional profession, I always have to travel a lot and it is very frustrating for me to open my laptop every time I interact with my corporate clients. That’s why I want to sync my vCard contacts already. with my phone. So I started searching the internet for this problem but couldn’t find any effective solution. If anyone know of a solution to this problem, please help me to complete this task.”

Hassle Free Solution to Import Contacts from vCard to Blackberry Phone

Users can move vCard files to CSV and other file formats using this SysTools vCard Converter Tool. Files can be easily exported regardless of their original application. Apart from that, this tool keeps all contact details like name, contact photo, address, email, etc. even after vCard conversion. It is a standalone program that supports VCF files of all platforms like Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook etc.

The technique of transferring VCF contacts to BlackBerry is divided into two parts. In the first part, you need to convert the vCard contacts file to CSV. In the second section you have to transfer all the converted CSVs into Blackberry. Therefore, in this section, we will explain both parts.

Steps to Guide to Import Contacts from vCard to Blackberry Mobile Phone

First Part: Convert vCard Files to CSV Format

  • Install and Download VCF to CSV Converter Software

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  • Preview VCF or vCard contacts files With full details

Add File or Folder

  • Select option CSV file format

Select CSV File

  • Select CSV and click the Export button

Click on export option

Second Part: Import CSV to BlackBerry Phone

Step 1: Plug your BlackBerry into the computer with the supplied USB cable. Click
On your machine, open All Programs> BlackBerry Desktop System and launch the Phone Sync app

Step 2: Click Organizer and then click Configure Settings under Sync Settings. Click the checkbox next to Address Book on the device selection screen

Step 3: Click Settings.  choose “ASCII Importer/Exporter” and then Hit on the “Next” tab.
The ASCII Importer/Exporter screen is enabled. Click on “Browse Database Files
As the type of imported/exported ASCII connector you want to use

Step 4: Navigate to the folder that contains the CSV file you want to import into Blackberry. Doubleclick the CSV file to select it. Click the “Nextbutton.  When the message “Congratulations” is displayed, “Finish

Step 5: Select on the “OK” in the application screen Select a device then click “Sync” to move CSV files from your computer to your BlackBerry

Step 6: Hit “OK” in the application screen Choose a device then click “Sync” to transfer CSV files from your system to your BlackBerry. The contents of the CSV data appear in the BlackBerry phone contact list.

Most Interesting Feature of the Software

  • This tool has super power to easily load data directly from Thunderbird’s default save location and users can also upload data automatically via “Select File” and “Select Folder”.
  • Moreover, this tool keeps the original metadata and hierarchy of all emails and related information, even after conversion, the internal system folder layout of the email remains unchanged.
  • This Program is self-contained and able to perform its functions. No plug-ins or third-party software are required for this.
  • It is completely self-contained and independent of any third-party plugins or application installations.
  • It provides you with conditions to select a save location for the newly exported file. So here you can select the destination path for importing VCF contacts to CSV.
  • This software also allows users to transfer vCard contacts such as PST and other file formats. You can Select any option as per their requirements.
  • This software is available for Windows computers. You can install this app on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.


In this blog we explained how to import contacts from vCard to Blackberry. The software keeps all contact areas intact throughout the conversion task. No information is lost with this toolkit. If you are ready to use this app, we also recommend that you try the free demo version. It allows to multiple VCF files into CSV.

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