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How To Resolve MS Outlook Sending Receiving Error – Troubleshoot & Fix

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How To Resolve MS Outlook Sending Receiving Error – Troubleshoot Problem

One or the other day, computer users face errors while working. What important is to be aware of all possible errors that occur in a particular application and measures to fix them. Similar is the case with the Microsoft Outlook email program. There are many errors that occur at the time of sending or receiving email messages such as “not implemented”. These kinds of errors act as interruption while working with Outlook. Therefore, a rapid remedy is required to fix this MS Outlook sending receiving error and continue work from where it stopped.

ms outlook sending receiving error not-implemented-ol201t0-error

These kind of errors act as interruption while working with Outlook. Therefore, a rapid remedy is required to fix this problem and continue work from where it stopped. There are other Outlook issues like send receive error 0x800ccc0f codes.

Picture this Out: Outlook Send Receive Errors

An Outlook user is sending a very essential mail to his / her clients. Meanwhile, he / she encounters an error message i.e., The server could not be found. Now what to do??

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Resolution for Outlook sending & Receiving Error

To troubleshoot Outlook sending or receiving the error, users can leverage for anyone or more following methods. Once they are done with one method, try to send an email message to themselves. This will help you in ensuring that whether your error is fixed or how to resolve MS Outlook sending receiving error. If in case the Microsoft Outlook error continues then, switch to the next measures.

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1 Check Internet Connection
2 Verify Outlook Account Settings
3 Examine Antivirus Manufacture Site
4 Delete Waste Emails from Mailbox
5 Repair Microsoft Office
6 Configure System Firewall Software
7 Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode
8 Clean Up Microsoft Outlook Outbox
9 Wrong Entry in SMTP Distribution List

Measure #1 : Check the Internet Connection

  1. Firstly, You need to check the internet connection on your system; else troubleshoot the network connectivity issue.

Measure #2 : Verify the Outlook Account Settings

how to fix outlook sending receiving error

Check the setting of the Outlook by examining the following attributes :

how to solve not implemented error

  • Email account id with which the Outlook is set up
  • Verify the email account type : IMAP, HTTP, or POP
  • Check the username and password mentioned in Outlook
  • The POP3 and SMTP server requires name & address
  • Secure Password Authentication might be in demand
  • Thoroughly check the port numbers of email profile

Measure #3 : Examine Antivirus Manufacture Site

The anti-virus application installed on machine provides feature of email scanning. If the source PC is having anti-virus with this feature then, you have to accomplish additional task. This task includes configuration of using Outlook with anti-virus program.

Measure #4 : Delete Waste Emails from Mailbox

Microsoft Outlook provides feature of spamming on its own. But, there are chances of having few suspected messages in the account. Therefore, open the web mail account and then delete all those suspected messages.

Measure #5 : Repair the Microsoft Outlook

If the MS Office installation seems as if it is going to corrupt then, re-install it. You can also repair the application but, only in 2010 and 2013 versions. For this you have to undertake, following step:

  • Open Control Panel on your system
  • Select the program to be repaired
  • Right click on selected app and select Quick Repair or Online Repair option

This will repair the occurring corruption and fix the Microsoft Outlook sending receiving Error. It might help in making Outlook functional once again.


Measure #6 : Configure System Firewall Software

Check the configuration of firewall application that will help in enabling Outlook.exe file to access Internet. There is an important point to take in consideration that this workaround might lead to any kind of malware attack on your system. Therefore, make use of this solution of Outlook sending receiving errors at your own risk.

Measure #7 : Open MS Outlook in the Safe Mode

This technique will help you in fix problem if the problem is at the time of starting application. For launching app in safe mode, you just need to hold Ctrl key and then click on desktop icon of Outlook.

Measure #8 : Clean Up the Microsoft Outlook Outbox

A situation occurs in which a large file is sent via Outlook. This causes a stuck condition in outbox mailbox. When an individual tries to delete the message, he/she encounters an error message. So, to overcome this problem, change the Outlook mode to Offline and then delete email from Outbox. Once deletion is entirely completed, change the offline mode to online.

Measure #9 : Wrong Entry in SMTP Distribution List

The wrong email address might cause sending failure, showing an error message with code 0x8004210b. This is the reason why it is strongly suggested to test the id before sending emails.

Wind Up

It is not so much difficult to resolve this problem, if a user is an Outlook expert. But, if a person is normal computer user then, it is challenging task to fix MS Outlook Sending Receiving error. So, it is a recommendation to such users that they should contact to a technical expert, if they themselves are unable to fix error. Well being the experts in data recovery fields, we are offering services to Resolve MS Outlook sending receiving errors related messages.

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