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Find Someone’s Social Media Accounts – Social Network Profile Search

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On December 8th, 2017
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How to Find Someone’s Social Media Accounts?

Do you ever spend hours and hours just to search for your child’s or your friend’s or your potential spouse’s or partner’s social media account? Amy be your know for sure that they use social media and have an account there, but finding that account without their knowledge for keeping a check (on your children) or finding information (something that shows about your future partner) is a different ballgame altogether.

Find Someone’s Social Media Account in Network!


How to Make the Search?

Social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and all others do include the search bars, which allow you to find people by their login ids or names. You can search them on ‘Google’ by typing the name of the person in the Google search bar along with “Facebook,” “Instagram” etc. But an unfortunate aspect of this search is that, if the person’s name is quite a common one, then you might be bombarded with hundreds or maybe thousands of search results all with the same name for you to sift through. But, fortune favors the brave! There do exist some other methods by which this person’s search process can be speeded up.

Search for a Good Cause!

The revelation of these methods to find someone’s social media account / profile and it’s not to encourage unethical acts like cyber-stalking. This is done to in order to help you keep your children safe by knowing what they are up to on these sites, or for ensuring that your potential spouse is not hiding something devastating from you; some secret that should be known to you before tying the nuptial knot like maybe he/she is already married and you are being deceived. These processes are just to curtail these kinds of things and sort of a safety platter for the readers; very ethical in itself!

3 Techniques for Find Someone Social Media Accounts

In accordance with the ethical reason for the search, let us add a few more things along the same lines. You got to be very careful as you can open up social media accounts of some unknown people having the same name as the person you might be searching for. So, it is always advisable to you to take whatever appears on your screen with a grain of salt unless and until you are completely sure of having found the right social media account. Also, it is very much encouraged by us that you use the following search techniques for looking up your own known/related accounts.


A Google search to find someone’s social media account or name might prove to be a good start, but this image search is a much faster way of finding someone’s account. This happens because rather than clicking on results after results; and then loading pages after pages, an image search works by putting the findings that you need straight in front of you.

    • Firstly, go to images.google.com, to begin with
    • And after that, simply find that person’s complete name
    • For narrowing down the search results, add some information like their city, school that they went to, or some other informational tidbits identifying them
    • The next step involves scrolling down that page to look for the searched person’s image
    • There are good chances that you will see their FB profile picture, Twitter’s pic, or maybe their profile pic on Instagram or Pinterest or any other website
    • On finding their image, click on it
    • And then, select View Page for opening up their social media account thus found



There is a people’s search website, “PeekYou.” These people search websites basically work by collecting the publicly available data and information of persons and collate them into particular profiles, which you can easily find provided you search for that person’s name as well as location. PeekYou would give you the searched person’s existing and known accounts free of cost. It will also give you their usernames on the accounts and help you to find someone’s social media accounts.



A very important thing to note, which many people do not know, is that most people use same usernames for all their accounts. PeekYou allows clicking the searched person’s username for pulling up all the other social accounts existing with the same username. You can mostly find the usernames on any of the social media accounts from Web addresses also. Username hack, in a way, is a good method for turning up some person’s account, even if that person has not included his/her real name in the username.

Expert Techniques to Find Hidden Profile

In spite of practicing so many impressive and convincing techniques, you are not able to perform desired task i.e. people’s search. Then, You can move to Forensics service experts for the promising searching solution of people on social networking site

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