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Solution to Export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard / VCF File Format

Published By Deepa Pandey
Anuraag Singh
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Published On November 28th, 2017
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These days it is an hour need where users are storing contact information of each individual in their mailing applications. These email client can be any like Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, MS Outlook, Amazon Work Mail, etc. Now, sometimes a scenario occurs in which users demand backup of their contacts on the local machine for one or another purpose. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to recommend all possible solutions to export Thunderbird address book to vCard. This will be helpful for all Mozilla users who are searching for solutions to transfer contacts toVCF file format.

Need To Save Thunderbird Contacts As vCard

Before knowing that, how to export address book in Thunderbird as VCF, users need to understand its demand first. Thus, in the following content, we have posted all possible user’s concern, which will be helping readers to determine the need for the same:

I am a technical blogger who delivers solutions on different tech problems, which are put forward by my clients. Recently, I got a query in which an individual wants to convert contacts of Thunderbird to vCard file format. He is not having Thunderbird present on his machine so, wants an independent approach. I know the way to export address book in VCF from Thunderbird but, in absence of Thunderbird, I don’t think that any solution exists. Can anyone suggest something regarding a way to export Thunderbird address book to vCard file format accordingly?

As my default mailing application, I am using Thunderbird on my machine. I use it for all purposes including business as well as personal. I am having few important contacts within my business account therefore, I want to take backup of it. So, can anyone suggest me an approach to backup Mozilla Thunderbird contacts?

I am using Thunderbird email client on my PC and I want to move contacts of this program on my phone. I am having Redmi Note 4 smartphone with me in which contacts are to be moved. For this, I know that I will have to convert Thunderbird address book into VCF and then, import this VCF file in Redmi phone. But, here the problem with me is that I don’t know the measure to transfer Mozilla contacts into vCard. Is there any technician who can provide me with the solution?

Solutions to Export Thunderbird Address Book to vCard

There are two approaches by which users can save Thunderbird contacts as VCF format. One approach requires Thunderbird installation on machine and another approach does not.

Measure #1: Transfer Thunderbird Contacts To VCF Manually

Go through following guidelines to convert Mozilla address book to vCard:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC and click on Address Book to open contacts section.
    thunderbird to vcf

  3. All the contacts of your email client will be listed in front of you. Here, you have to click on Tool >> Export.
    mozilla thunderbird export contacts to vcard

  5. Click on drop-down icon of Save As Type field and select vCard from the list.
    save thunderbird contacts as vcard

  7. Navigate towards the path where you want to save Thunderbird contacts files in VCF format and click on Save. If you want to change the default name of VCF file then, you can change it and then, continue with saving procedure.
    thunderbird to vcard

  9. Again, the same export wizard appears to save ‘Collected Addresses’ contact folder of Thunderbird. Repeat Step (3) and (4) to export Thunderbird address book to vCard.
    export thunderbird contacts as vcard

  11. Finally, both the Mozilla Thunderbird contacts are saved in VCF format on your machine.
                                                                               move mozilla contact files

Measure #2: Independent Way to Transfer Thunderbird Contacts to VCF

This approach works with Thunderbird Contacts Migration program, which does not require Mozilla Thunderbird for conversion. The tool not only permits users to convert contacts as VCF but, also in other file formats like PST, LDIF, and CSV. There is no need of additional email client to save Mozilla contacts in VCF file format with this app.

Time to Sum Up

Users may export Thunderbird address book to vCard for several purposes. They can opt for the manual procedure if the email client is already configured in the system. However, one is having .mab file and wants to convert those contacts in VCF format then, the only approach left is to use Thunderbird Contacts Migrator. It is the multifaceted program to tackle with Thunderbird contact files.

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