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Convert EML to MHT – Quick Explanation

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Published On July 2nd, 2024
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The world of email communication has different file formats with different purposes. And here, many email users encounter the EML and MHT file formats. While the EML file finds usage with email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook, the MHT format is popular with web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This blog post explores the solutions to convert EML to MHT and the reasons for the email data conversion.

A Quick Email File Introduction

  • EML: An EML file, also called an Electronic Mail file, is used for individually saving emails in plain text format. Developed by Microsoft, this email format finds usage in email clients like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. Moreover, it also stores email attachments, hyperlinks, and metadata in the same file.
  • MHT: An MHT data file is a web archive file storing all the HTML data – text, images, and other media – in a single file for offline viewing. This data format is compatible with all web browsers and uses .mht and .mhtml extensions.

Reasons for EML Email File Conversion to MHT

There are many reasons to convert EML to MHT, and we will mention some of them here:

  • Extensive File Compatibility: As mentioned above, MHT files are accessible with all web browsers, compared to the limited reach of EML files. This makes them more valuable and accessible for email users who don’t have any EML-friendly email client installed on their computers.
  • Portability: MHT files are portable due to their single format nature, encapsulating entire email content and attachments, and therefore streamlining email sharing, archiving, and moving due to broader compatibility.
  • Ease of Content Viewing: Since MHT files are accessible through web browsers, they are more easily convenient for immediate viewing and sharing with email users who prefer mobile phones for email access or don’t have specific email clients.
  • Readability: Another reason to convert EML to MHT relates to email readability. Since the MHT files preserve the original email formatting and structure, including the HTML formatting and inline images. It is especially beneficial for conserving the email look for future reference.

These reasons necessitate EML email file conversion to MHT, and the following section explores the solutions.

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Export EML Email File to MHT with Perfect Solution

Now that we have read the solutions to save EML data to MHT, this section will explore the best solution for data conversion in the absence of a manual method – automated software. The SysTools EML Converter Software helps EML users convert their data files to the MHT format with intact email metadata and text content without any data loss possibility. This automated utility has two features – Date Filter and Naming Convention – for date-based selective email conversion and converted file name selection, respectively. This software works with Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8, and 7 for EML email file conversion to MHT without any worries.

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Convert EML to MHT with the Software

  1. Install and launch the automated tool on your computer.
    install and launch the tool
  2. Select the EML folder from the preview list.
    Select the EML folder
  3. Then, click the Export option to start the export process.
    click export to start data conversion
  4. Next, select the MHT format from the Select Export Type menu.
    select MHT format
  5. Click Advanced Settings to use the Date Filter and Naming Convention features.
    use Date Filter and Naming Convention
  6. Then, select a preferred destination using the Browse button.
    click Browse to select location
  7. Click the Export button for EML email file conversion to MHT.
    click export to convert eml to mht
  8. View the converted MHT files in the destination folder.
    view the converted EML files in MHT

Note: The demo version of the tool is available that converts ten per EML file folder. Download it to check the software’s performance, and buy the full version for complete EML data conversion.


This blog explored the solutions to convert EML to MHT, besides the reasons for the same. The reasons mentioned here highlight the necessity for the EML file conversion to MHT. Hence, the automated software described here becomes the perfect solution to save EML email files to MHT in the absence of a manual solution. Features like Date Filter and Naming Convention assist with selective data conversion without data loss.

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