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How to Attach Corrupted MDF File Using Automated Utility

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Published On August 4th, 2020
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Most of the organization have their information which is stored in a system for easy storage and retrieval of data. No matter what the information is, be it market research, accounts information, customer data. But, the question arises where does this information is stored? Well, a database is used to store the information. It is generally observed that most of the companies use MS SQL Server for storing and managing information. Therefore, it is one of the most highly demanding programs which is used globally.

fix damaged mdf files

When a database is created, you will see two files which are MDF and LDF. Out of all the database files, these two files play an important role to ensure uninterrupted operations of the database. Now, what if the MDF file is corrupted and the user needs to attach a corrupted MDF file to the database server. So, read on and get the right method to link the damaged MDF file from this blog.

What is an MDF File?

MDF stands for Master Database File, which is also known as a primary database file. All the important information are stored in this database which is the part of the server. This extension also depicts various other files. So, it is important to preserve and maintain the MDF file in the SQL server database.

Let’s have a quick look at the below-given query to understand how the MDF corrupts in various situation.

“I am working as a Technical Administrator in a reputed organization. Recently our database has been crashed due to some technical failures. Though I have saved the LDF file, the MDF file has got corrupted. Now, the problem is when I attach corrupted MDF file to the database, an error messages is received. That is, “Unable to proceed scanning as few page id’s are damaged”. After which it also displays “Connection Broken” message. Please help me out from this situation. Please guide me with the proper method to link the damaged MDF file. Thanks!”

How Can A User Attach Corrupted MDF File?

Are you looking for such similar query? Then, let me clear you that there is no proper manual solution available to retrieve the damaged MDF file and attach it back to the database server. Going for the manual method will waste the time, as it does not render a guaranteed solution. So, what is the other option? Well, it is always advised to switch to a third-party tool which will help you in attaching the corrupted MDF file to the SQL server database.

What is the Perfect Tool to Attach a Damaged MDF File?

Yes, there is one smart and a reliable tool to recover the corrupted LDF and MDF file and thereafter help to attached the healthy MDF file back to the database server. Well, it is only possible with SysTools SQL Server File Recovery software. It is an efficient tool to repair SQL database and also exports to the SQL Server Database. Apart from that, there are two different scanning options which are Quick scan and Advanced scan to fix the database files. With the help of this tool, a user can quickly recover multiple NDF files which are the secondary database file.

How to Operate This DataBase File Recovery Software?

In order to attach the damaged MDF file, first, we need to repair the MDF file from corruption. Later, we need to import the damaged MDF file to the SQL server database. The user can easily preview and recover the deleted the database objects. To do this, follow the below steps in sequence:

  • The initial steps are to Download and Launch the software on your computer
  • Then, click Open from the menu bar and choose the corrupted MDF file from the saved location
  • Now, browse and open the MDF file to attach corrupted MDF file to the SQL server
  • After that, choose the Scan Options and select Advance Scan if the MDF file is highly corrupted
  • Check the Autodetect option, if there is a need to detect SQL server version of your MDF file
  • Otherwise, you can also select the SQL server version manually
  • Now, the tool generates entire details of the damaged MDF file and also an auto-scan is performed of the selected MDF files
  • Then, a complete preview of the recovered MDF file is shown. Also, all the contents of the repaired MDF file are listed as shown below.
  • Now, to export the repaired MDF file, there are two different option to export i.e., SQL Server Database option and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts option
  • To attach corrupted MDF file, select Export as SQL Server Database option
  • Under Export as SQL Server Database, enter the appropriate machine address for Server Name field
  • A user can attach corrupted MDF file using two options i.e., Create New Database or Export to Existing Database
  • To create a new Database, select the respective option and enter the Database Name
  • Select either of the options, i.e., With the only Schema or With Schema and Data to attach corrupted MDF file and click Export
  • Then, an Export Complete window will appear showing the status of the exported records.
  • Now to check the repaired MDF files on SQL server, simply expand the databases


Whenever a user wants to attach corrupted MDF file simply download and install SysTools SQL Recovery tool. As the manual method does not provide a complete solution to attach the damaged MDF files. Moreover, with SQL Server File Recovery software, there is no any chance to face any technical discrepancies. It is a highly recommended tool by technical experts which not only recovers the damaged MDF file. But also renders an option to attach the recovered MDF file to the SQL Server Database.

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