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SQL Database Recovery

Size: 6.83 MB Version: 11.0

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SQL Database Recovery

SQL Server Database Recovery Tool is an expert way to retrieve damaged or corrupted MDF and NDF files in SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008. This SQL Recovery software is also capable to export those recovered files into Microsoft SQL database. Users can recover multiple deleted files using this SQL Server data recovery application.

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  • Repair and Recover corrupted SQL Database files i.e. MDF files
  • Scan & Restore various Secondary Database i.e. NDF files
  • Retrieve deleted MS SQL Database table files
  • Easy & Advanced Scan to repair SQL database: Primary & Secondary
  • Recover Deleted SQL Server database records and database database objects
  • Restore Rules, Functions, Triggers, Tables & Stored Procedures
  • SQL Recovery Tool supports Auto-detect SQL Server Database collation
  • Preview deleted SQL table records and database objects in red color
  • Save desired items in both ways: with Schema or Schema & Data
  • Restore SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 / 2008 R2, 2005, 2000 database files

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Detailed Features

Features of SQL Server Database Recovery Software

SQL Database

SQL Database Recovery

SQL Server Data Recovery Software proves to be useful when users want to recover and repair all tables, functions, rules, triggers, views, unique keys, data types, associated Primary Key, and all the other components, present in SQL Database. Also this software shows the deleted SQL database objects in red color.

Restore Schema

Restore Schema / Schema & Data

SQL server repair tool is capable to export and save SQL database in two different ways:

  • With Schema: Export selected schema of selected table
  • With Schema and Data: Get both Schema and data of selected tables

Repair MDF

Repair MDF & NDF File

With the help of SQL Database Recovery Software users can restore both Primary and Secondary database. In other terms both MDF and NDF files. This software to repair SQL database scans both these files. In addition, the software can recover the data of deleted table as well.

Recover Deleted

Recover Deleted SQL Database Table

Sometimes users might have deleted some of the essential data by mistake. Now, to get that data back the need of SQL Recovery tool arises. The tool is designed in such a way that using this utility user can recover any deleted table file they want. The user can easily recover deleted SQL table, stored procedure, functions, Views triggers.

Large File Scan

Save Large File Scan

SQL Server Data Recovery utility provides the option to save scanned MDF and NDF files as .str file to the desired location. This saves the time of the scanning and if the process is obstruct in between then, it can be start again. Just load the stored .str file for that.


Export Selective SQL Files and XML data

Users can retrieve and restore chosen items from the MDF and NDF file. The MDF Recovery software allows users to mark or unmark the files or folders. If you have columns and variables of the XML type or saved XML documents on a SQL Server database.


How to Restore MDF & NDl̥F Files With Tool?

Steps to Repair SQL Database Files: NDF & MDF Files


MS SQL Database Repair Software


SQL Server Data Recovery Tool

“I have documents on SQL Server, which are on XML type. I want to recover that data. I have tried some of the SQL Recovery software, but cannot able to retrieve XML files. Can I get those file back using your software?”
Yes, MDF and NDF file recovery software can repair all your XML data.

“I have lots of NDF or secondary database file to recover. I want to retrieve these files in a quick way. Does this utility is capable to restore MDF and NDF database files?”
Ans: Yes, SQL Server data Recovery software is designed in a way that it can repair MDF and NDF files in SQL Server.

“I found the utility suitable to repair SQL database. I can see two versions of the software. Now, I want to confirm can I recover all my MDF files using trial version of the software?”
Ans: No, to retrieve the whole SQL data you have to buy full version of SQL Recovery software.

“I was googling for a solution to retrieve my deleted stored procedure from MS SQL database 2012 version. And I got to know about this SQL Server Database Recovery utility from my friend. Whether this tool allows the recovery of deleted stored procedure files from database server?
Ans: Yes, to retrieve removed stored procedures, one can use this application to repair SQL Database. SQL Server Database Restore tool allows quick recovery of deleted data from tables and stored procedures.


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