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Amazon Alexa Or Google Home Which One Is Better? Things you need to know

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Published On March 19th, 2020
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Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

If you are thinking to purchase smart speakers but confused between Amazon Alexa or Google Home. No need to worry! Continue with this write-up, you will get a solution regarding your problem. Amazon Alexa vs Google Home before knowing which is better among them, have a look at what these products are and their functionalities so you can easily know about Amazon Alexa Or Google Home and which one is better?

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa, known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI of Amazon. This voice assistant is capable of voice interaction, music playback, playing movies, alarm setting, providing weather reports, news and other real-time information. Alexa was first used in Amazon Echo smart speakers.

If you are not aware of the difference between Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa read this, Alexa is the “Artificial Intelligence” which is used to analyse user’s requests or commands and tries to answer them through the cloud-based network. Whereas, Amazon Echo is simply a product that is specially designed to use that intelligent agent. The Echo devices have their hardware and operating system that runs the Alexa app.

Google Home

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker developed by Google. It primarily designed as a virtual assistant of Google. Besides this, it allows users to listen to music, control playback of videos or photos, answers user’s queries.

Google Home and Google Home Mini both are the products of Google but their appearance and features are somewhere different. They are different from their size, appearance, cost, etc.

Amazon Alexa Vs Google Home – Comparison

In this section, we compare the features of Amazon Alexa or Google Home through which it will be easy for the users to identify the better one among them.

Specification Amazon Alexa Google Home
$99 $49
Digital Assistant
Amazon Alexa Google Assistant
Wi-Fi(802.11 n) Bluetooth Wi-Fi(802.11 ac) Bluetooth 4.1
Wake word
Alexa, Echo, Amazon or Computer OK Google or Hey Google
Third-party app support
Alexa ‘skills’ ‘Actions’ for Google assistant
Highlights of personal assistant
Add things to the calendar, make a shopping list, check flight status, track a package, etc. Search on Google, check the traffic, check the calendar, get a personalized daily list, make a list for shopping, etc.
Synced audio playback to the multiple devices
No Yes, to any type of Google Cast device

Amazon Alexa or Google Home Which is Better?

Still confuse between Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Keep Calm and Read the Article Carefully!

Here we will tell you about what is best in Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

What’s Best About Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa Feature

If you want to choose Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa you must be knowing its pros that will utilise your time and efforts with the best product. The following are some of the pros of Amazon Alexa:

• You can ask Alexa to do your shopping and help to choose from different variations of items.

• You can allow Alexa to play a song that you want to hear. Also, it can tell you the artist and title of the song.

• It also provides the feature to track your packages. Alexa will check the delivery process of your package.

• You can order a meal, just ask Alexa to recommend some choices.

• It also provides you to call or send messages to your friends or family.

• If you have Alexa echo show or fire stick, you can ask Alexa to play your favourite movies.

What’s Best About Google Home?

Google Home Feature Image

Some of the pros of Google Home are listed below:

• The biggest advantage that Google Home has that it can able to answer any question that a normal Google engine would be able to.

• Its design is awesome and easily fit at your home.

• It can recognize different voices when different members are talking.

• It helps you in the kitchen by providing food recipes.

• You can ask Google Home to play any movies and music of your choice.

Both the Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices contain a lot of common features, but some cons should be known to the users before they get them.

Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

Both these products always need to be plugged in

• Google Home can’t read or send messages for this you will have to stick with your phone

• Amazon Alexa takes several days to update the new version of the device.

• It’s a cloud-based device so it can create problems if there is any problem in cloud services

Which is Smarter?

Both Amazon Alexa or Google Home are pretty good for you. However, when we talk about Amazon Alexa vs Google Home. Alexa can do more things as compared to Google Home. The best smart speakers for your home will depend on your priorities or according to your needs. I hope you will get the answer to Amazon Alexa or Google Home which is better?to choose the right thing to enjoy your best moments.

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