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10 Debit Card Safety Tips : ATM Card Safety and Security Measures

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On November 26th, 2021
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Debit Cards are the best resource of cashless transaction. We make the usage of card in buying the essentials things whether online or offline. However, while purchasing things, we forget about its security lie CVV, Password, Card number, etc. This ignorance can one day become a big loss due to high Debit Card fraud. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to provide Debit Card Safety tips for SBI, Visa & other debit cards to make you secure in this world.



Top 10 Tips for ATM Card | Debit Card Security


1. Do not Share Card Related Sensitive Information

This is the foremost concern that our card details- CVV, Card number, etc. should not be shared with anyone as part of debit card safety precautions. Even, we should not write it anywhere, we should feed it in our mind only. For ATM Card security purpose, if you visit any ATM and your transaction is not being done. Then, do not share your card or card details with any third-person to maintain bank card security .
Many times, if you get an email that contains some winning prize if you enter your card details. Then, avoid or delete such mails, as these emails are fraud to ensure Debit Card Safety.



2. Enable 3D Secure PIN

3D secure PIN is the latest feature, which is just the second-authentication Debit Card security feature. It means that after entering the details like CVV or card number on any online shopping site. Then, the page will redirect to the bank authorization page where you need to enter your 3D secure PIN. With this, online transaction will remain secure & ensure your ATM Card Security.



3. Set Transaction Limit

Many banks provide limit on our transaction. Therefore, if you set the limit then, it will be easy, as one will not go beyond that limitation. Its advantage is that if your card gets cheated then, only the specific amount will go on loss.



4. Use Chip-Based Cards

Old Debit cards come with less Debit Card security. However, now the banks are providing EMV chip-based cards. In a way that hackers cannot make another copy by swiping it. As the chip based cards has all the information in encrypted form.



5. Link Email ID or Mobile Number with Bank

Nowadays, almost every bank asks you to link your email Id as well as mobile number with your bank account in a way to get an alert at any transaction. It makes easy for users to know and being updated about the transactions, which are taking place to ensure Debit Card Safety .



6. Use Card at Secured Platform

It is important to make the usage of safe as well as secured network to make the payments mode. For ensuring Debit Card Safety, make the usage of HTTPS to be safe. Moreover, keep a check that the site is not using any SSL certificate.



7. Avoid Usage of Cyber Café

For the transaction mode, avoid the usage of cyber cafe or any third person’s machine as it may contain malware. Therefore, there are chances of information leakage. So avoiding such Usage may ensure your Debit Card Safety.



8. Check your Bank Statements Regularly

For avoiding any fraud or anything wrong, it is recommended to check your bank statements on the regular basis as part of regular debit card safety precautions. It helps to know if any fraud took place or not.



9. Change Debit Card PIN Regularly

To be safe & ensure debit card security it is suggested to change your PIN on the regular basis like you can change your debit card pin after every 3 months.



10. Block your Lost Card

If it all, you lost or your card gets steal then, immediately contact to the branch and get it blocked. If it is not done timely then, there are chances that any misshapen can take place.



In Summation

We understand the concern of user’s therefore; we have come up with debit card security tips. It helps you to be secure, safe, and safe while using your Debit card. In a way to be updated & ensure your Debit Card Safety with the social awareness, be in contact with us.


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