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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Become a CHFI and Carry-out a Computer Forensic Investigation At Expert Level

Who is CHFI?

A CHFI is one who is eligible to solve legal cases, which involves computer forensics and a certified ethical hacking proceedings. The person will be able to contribute a lot in identifying, tracking, and prosecuting cybercrimes. In today’s date, C|HFI v9 is the latest computer forensics plan, which renders a description of evidence analysis and system forensics.

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Mr. Gaurav Shekhat
Cyber Forensics Analyst

Capable of defining, deploying and monitoring information security programs while functioning as s primary Cybersecurity and Digital forensic adviser.

Course Modules

  1. Computer Forensics in Today’s World
  2. Step-by-step procedure of computer forensics investigation
  3. Description of hard disks and file systems
  4. Data acquisition and duplication
  5. Defeating Anti-forensics techniques
  6. Forensics of Operating system
  7. Network forensics
  8. Investigation of web attacks
  9. Database forensics
  10. Cloud forensics
  11. Malware forensics
  12. Investigation upon email crimes
  13. Mobile forensics
  14. Forensics report writing and its presentation

  1. Attorneys, lawyers, and legal consultants
  2. Law enforcement officers
  3. Police officers
  4. Federal/government agents
  5. Investigators/Detectives
  6. Defense and military

  1. Get a chance to have hands-on different forensic investigation cases with full authorized tools and measures for resolving cases
  2. Acquire complete knowledge in identifying, tracking, and prosecuting cyber activities
  3. Achieves the required knowledge and technical skills to give CHFI 312-49 exam with help of which you will get a certified Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator status

The certification of CHFI is awarded after clearly passing ECO 312-49 exam. SysTools conduct CHFI exam for its trainee to get certified as Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator. The description of CHFI exam is given below:

  1. Number of Questions: 150
  2. Exam Duration: 4 hours
  3. Format of Exam Paper: Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Passing Score: 70%
  5. Test Delivery: ECC exam portal


ethical hacking course in delhi


Certified Ethical Hacker

SysTools is an EC-Council Accreted CHFI institute and a leading company, delivering its certification and training across to the global interested students and participants. Moreover, the company is having tie up with CBI, New Delhi, Delhi Police Cyber Wing, and Maharashtra Police Special Investigation Team for Cyber Crime Investigation.

After the completing, the certification a person may get the job of cybercrime forensic investigator or something related to forensic easily.


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