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Windows Dedicated Hosting Subscription Plans

Why Our clients & IT experts consider us for the best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting In India


INR 8000/- Per Month

4 Cores & (8vCPU)

Processor- Single

100 Mbps Port Speed

2000 GB Data Transfer

Storage -1 TB HDD (upto 4)

16 GB RAM (upto 32 GB RAM)

Server- E3-1230 or E5-2643 Server


INR 10000/- Per Month

4 Cores & (8vCPU)

Processor- Single

100 Mbps Port Speed

2000 GB Data Transfer

Storage -1 TB HDD (upto 4)

16 GB RAM (upto 64 GB RAM)

Server- E3-1230v5/v6 or E5-2643


INR 12000/- Per Month

6 Cores & (12vCPU)

Processor- Single

100 Mbps Port Speed

2000 GB Data Transfer

Storage -1 TB HDD (upto 4)

32 GB RAM (upto 192 GB RAM)

Server Used- Server- E5-2630/2640


INR 14000/- Per Month

8 Cores & (16vCPU)

Processor- Single

100 Mbps Port Speed

2000 GB Data Transfer

Storage -1 TB HDD (upto 8)

32 GB RAM (upto 192 GB RAM)

Server Used- E5-2630/2640 Server



Know About Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in India

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting powered by SSDs would be an ideal alternative for businesses of all sizes. We provides 99.995% uptime and competitive SLAs, which are critical for today's business looking to start investing in windows server hosting.

We are the only finest service provider in India that offers a control panel with sophisticated security measures built-in. Our network's ability is demonstrated by the guaranteed low latency for all servers. Evidently, our Windows dedicated server hosting in India is a great option.

Provides affordable high-end cloud Dedicated Windows web server plans from which you may select the best plan for your needs. If your critical task necessitates a higher powerful server.


OUR Offerings

Our Continuous Advancement in Technology

We always focus on the betterment of technology and it can be easily seen in the services we provide. Technology keeps on upgrading day by day and this is what motivates us to become better every day.

Up To Date Technology

We offer all the latest updates to our clients a safe & secure infrastructure for their business operations. Moreover, being the best Windows dedicated hosting providers in India, we include necessary updates, maintenance, backups, disaster recovery, and server settings. For all of these reasons, our Windows dedicated hosting server become extremely popular in India's.

Advanced Tech Support

No concerns if your hosting requirements are complex or you are unsure where to begin. Our experts would gladly assist you in creating the ideal solution. You will be provided with the same server that meets your needs in order to streamline your business within the time limit given. Consult With Experts if you have any questions about selecting a Windows server or a location.



User Trusted Safe & Reliable Server Hosting Provider

We always aim for providing better services and making our clients totally satisfied. In order to reach this level. We are now proudly certified and maintain all the standards required.

ISO Certified

Client traffic is intelligently distributed among numerous servers via a load balancer, which does so without the clients having to know how many servers are in operation or how they are configured. Because the load balancer lies between the clients and the servers, it can improve the user experience by adding security measures, performance power, & even simplifying scaling.

Remote Power Cycle Management

By isolating specific locked-up components and rebooting them with total liberty, a Remote Power Management system ensures optimum uptime of the networks. Remote Power Management Devices connect individual power modules to software-controlled interface. Remote power control allows you to reset or reboot your PC, LAN/WAN, telecom, or other computer hardware without physically visiting it. This is what makes us best among all Windows dedicated hosting providers in India.

Some of our Key Highlights

DDoS Protection

Plesk Support

Unmetered Bandwidth

99.995 % SLA Up Time

Instant Provisioning

Tier-4 Data Center

Windows Server

Admin Access

24×7 Monitoring

Managed Windows Updates

Disaster Recovery

High Performance SSDs

Why We are Better & Trusted by Customers

Below are mentioned only a few of the benefits that users get from us for their business monitoring & growth.


Managed Hosting

Our clients concentrate on growing their business while we handle Windows server updates, usage, and other subjects.


Providing lighting-fast Windows dedicated server hosting in India at the most affordable price. Moreover, we also offer a Trial Period.

Tier IV Data Center

Provide all resources committed to ensuring maximum uptime and low latency for the overall traffic of your website.

Unmatched Infrastructure

Get top-of-the-line server gear and software with the fastest running CPUs that operate on the Windows operating system.

DDoS Protection

To avoid vulnerabilities, our servers are integrated with Windows enabled for auto-updates. DDoS protection is also available.

Security Measures

Get comprehensive server protection and critical defenses to your company with zone 8/9 physical server security.


What Our Clients Asks from their Windows Dedicated Hosting Providers in India

The four major reasons for outing dedicated server hosting are:
  • Your website's security is a concern.
  • Liberty of having complete control over your server.
  • You want your website loading times to be as minimal as they can be.
  • Rapidly expanding website and needs to be able to accommodate more traffic.

A physical server with dedicated hardware is referred to as a dedicated server. Other clients do not have access to the available machine specifications. Whereas, in VPS or shared hosting, the server is divided for the use of multiple clients.

Each dedicated infrastructure solution is a customized project tailored to businesses' specific business requirements. Our experienced expert IT architects provide a bespoke configuration for your server environment. This environment includes computing, storage, and networking to meet your critical workloads.

Follow these three easy steps:
  1. Contact us customer service team.
  2. Pick the Windows Server plan you want.
  3. The server will be up and running in the least possible time.

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