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Colocation Services Plans at its Best

Know Why Our Colocation Services are Cost Effective for Organizations in India

Plan for 1U Colocation

INR 3500/- Month

Bandwidth - 5 Mbps

Power Output - 2 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 1U, 1.75” Height

Plan for 2U Colocation

INR 6000/- Month

Bandwidth - 15 Mbps

Power Output - 2 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 2U, 3.50″ Height

Plan for 4U Colocation

INR 7000/- Month

Bandwidth - 15 Mbps

Power Output - 3 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 4U, 7.00″ Height

Plan for 10U Colocation

INR 29500/- Month

Bandwidth - 25 Mbps

Power Output - 5 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 10U, 17.50” Height

Plan for 21U Colocation

INR 52000/- Month

Bandwidth - 50 Mbps

Power Output - 20 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 21U, 36.75″ Height

Plan for 42U Colocation

INR 74000/- Month

Bandwidth - 1100 Mbps

Power Output - 20 Amps, 120V AC

Rack Space Provided - 42U, 73.50″ Height


Way We Are # 1 Colocation Service Data Center in India

We offers a wide assortment of bandwidth colocation needs from dedicated servers, partial rack services. Due to the rapidly increasing demand for cloud/colocation hosting services, organizations are enjoying their virtual workspace & improved productivity.

The reason we are leading the industry is because of our extreme security measure for DC & perseverance for achieving goals. Our advanced infrastructure makes us capable of 24×7 surveillance which gives our client the liberty to perform critical operations instead of managing servers.

All the servers that we provide are hosted in Tier 3 or 4 bare metal Data Center accredited by ISO 27001:2013. We are happy to announce that we are Asia's largest Tier 4 Data Center. Our services show Power, Passion & Prominence in our work as we promise to our valuable clients.


Why Choose Us as your Colocation Service Provider in India

Know Why Our Colocation Services are Cost Effective for Organizations in India


Our clients trust us for all the operations like security management, server management, complex installation procedures. etc.


Wide spectrum with the total fault-tolerant system. We ensure data safety by 24×7 surveillance & continuous network monitoring.

Tier IV DC

Our Tier 4 data center is awarded for its incredible support services promised & is now proudly Asia’s largest unmatched Tier 4 data center.

Carrier Neutral

Multiple internet sources for providing unmatched all-time services that ensure network redundancy to provide maximum uptime to clients.

What Special Do We Have?

Best Colocation DC

Half/Full Rack Space

Years of Experience

Bare Metal Servers

Free Installation

Network - GigE Port

Benefits of the Best Colocation Service Provider

Experience the World-Class Colocation Hosting Services with Our Integrated Network Solutions



We hold the capacity to host all your servers in our Data Center along with offering advanced security systems, network services, unmetered bandwidth, power supply & adaptable infrastructure to colocate data offsite like a pro.


Our N+N infrastructure is always prepared with backup for power supply, network, load balancers & multiple HVAC systems for uninterrupted business workflow. There are multiple sources for every resource that plays a major role in running a DC.


With successfully running data centers globally, we assist our clients in enhanced proximity & reduce latency as much as we can to provide the ultimate experience to businesses & their customers with minimum complaints. Reduced latency keeps the workflow intact and evidently contributes to business productivity.



Our complete secure colocation data center in India ensures the safety of clients' vital data files. We have an 8/9 zone security to prevent any kind of unauthorized access. Armed security guards, single entry points & 24 hour CCTV surveillance are some measures that are taken care of.


We designed our DC with the aim of providing improved services & this is why our data center is scalable to a great extent. Our scalability & resilience made us independent enough to meet clients’ requirements just in time for maximum support & minimum delay.


The total cost of cloud migration is the main challenge that other cloud migration service companies faces. However, We are experts in providing fast, risk-free cloud migration services at a competitive price. We are here to serve you, so you don't have to worry about completing the migration service.


What Our Customers Usually Ask When Opting for Colocation Data Center

Our DC has proudly certified with ISO 27001:2013 certification & follows all standardized regulations.

We have multiple data centers at several locations covering the entire country. Our major data centers in India are situated in Noida, Bangalore followed by global DC in USA & Dubai.

Contact our support team for upgrades. We being the leading colocation service provider in India are self-sufficient for scaling up in minimal time.

We offer free installation for setup to our clients.


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