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Cloud Migration Service Provider in India

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Cloud Migration Services Highlights

Why Experts in India Rate Us as the Best Cloud Migration Services Provider

Years of Experience

Leading Cloud Migration Service Provider for more than a decade with an excellent track record & satisfaction.

Vast Range of Platforms

Offer Cloud Migration Services From & To Various Platforms. Office 365, Exchange, Google Workspace etc.

Services Across India

Recommended by Thousands of Satisfied Customers across the globe. We provide services in all parts of India.

True to Our Customers

Transparent Procedure with 100% Precision and Security. We brief our clients regarding the tasks in advance.


Our Cloud Migration Strategy

MX Record Change

Change MX Record to Destination Domain

  • Before Migration
  • After Migration

Capacity Planning

Create Proper Plan of Resources

  • Create a List of Source Platform Users
  • Determine the List of Machines Required
  • Define Batches for Migration
  • Select Priority & Start Process

Risk Mitigation

Determine Involved Risks

  • Migration Not Completing on Time
  • User's Data Not Migrating Completely
  • MX Record Related Issues

Go Live

Switch to Destination Platform

  • Switch Migrated Users to New Platform
  • Ensure that Your Migration is Completed
  • Train Your Help Desk for Expected Issues

cloud migration services india


Why Cloud Migration is Important?

It’s not that if your Organization is moving to the cloud or not, main factor is when you are moving and how you are moving. The benefits of moving from a traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud are obvious and can greatly improve data management and flexibility. It can also save the cost of physical network maintenance and provide a direct way to evolve or upgrade your system in the future.

Although cloud migration seems like a challenging task for organizations who are familiar with traditional data management, but it should not be one. You should choose a right cloud migration services provider. And SysTools being one of the finest cloud migration companies in India, let us manage and maximize the value of your cloud platform. Doing so will make you more focused on maintaining business growth.

cloud migration companies in india


Major Cloud Migration Challenges for Businesses

There can be several challenges, that businesses of all types may face while migrating their data to the cloud such as:


While dealing with organizational data it becomes critical to ensure a safe and error-free cloud migration and it is only possible when you have a defined strategy and proper planning.


Although cloud migration is intended for low-cost and improved ROI, however, you can only have these outcomes in the long run after migration. Meanwhile, it can cost you time, money, and various other resources, which makes it a challenging task to optimize the overall cost.

Business Downtime

It's a bitter truth that, lacking proper planning and execution, most organizations face business downtime when migrating data to the cloud. This requires careful planning and streamlined execution to minimize business downtime.

cloud migration service providers india


Why Choose SysTools from Cloud Migration Service Provider Companies in India?

SysTools services are unique in a way that we are both software developers and migration service providers.

We have the finest cloud migration experts in India. Migration professionals can better understand the required migration scenarios and software architecture. Unlike most value-added resellers and consultants who work with third-party software, they don't have to rely on others' email migration technology, experience or support.

If there is a problem, we will not submit support requests to the already existing queue to avoid unnecessary delays. Our engineers call or drop in at the office to contact a senior developer so they can prepare a customized fix in real time.

Direct communication between SysTools experts, project managers and senior development teams represents a truly unique efficiency that can bring unparalleled success to migration projects.

Industry Verticals That We Are Handling

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics






Advanced Features of SysTools Cloud Migration Services

There are a bundle of different features, that you can experience by our services in a professional manner.

cloud migration experts in india


The tool used for migration projects provides detailed report after the migration task is completed. The export reports can be obtained in various ways like a complete report of entire migration process or a report for a particular migration. These reports are useful in keeping track of the project and for future reference.


We also provide the right infrastructure for remote cloud migration services. SysTools also provides a suitable virtual environment for remote computers, ensuring high performance and fully managed services. This way, you can easily run many applications without any inconvenience.


The biggest challenge for a cloud migration service provider in India is to ensure everything is safe during the cloud migration process. To attain this goal, we have an experienced security team that consistently ensures that there is no data leakage during the entire process.

cloud migration companies in india


The way we provide our services allows cloud architects to be with you at every step of your migration. When building a solution model for a successful cloud migration, we always prioritize your organization's requirements.


Because each organization has different requirements, a workload migration plan may not fit all needs. We have different or customized migration plans depending on your needs. In this way, customers can choose a plan according to their needs and bring more success to the company.


The total cost of cloud migration is the main challenge that other cloud migration service companies faces. However, We are experts in providing fast, risk-free cloud migration services at a competitive price. We are here to serve you, so you don't have to worry about completing the migration service.


What Our Customers Usually Ask When Opting for SysTools Cloud Migration Services

The timeline may vary depending on the no. of mailboxes and their respective size. Moreover, the network bandwidth & machine configuration also affects the deadline. Companies can get an estimate idea for the duration of migration project.

Yes, we provide delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data to destination. Moreover, it can be used multiple times as per the users’ requirements.

Yes, we do offer customized scheduling of the migration project based on your needs.

We usually do it after the migration, However, you must have multiple MX records in order to change it before migration.

Not all cloud migration service provider offer this. However, SysTools allows its users to monitor the progress of the operation. Moreover, users can get both the detailed & summary report of the migration task at the end of the migration project.

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