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High-Performance SysTools Bare Metal Server

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Our Key Elements

#1 Bare Metal Server Highlights

Unmatched Hardware

All of the bare metal cloud servers are from Dell, IBM, or HP, and they provide a high level of performance for even the most demanding applications and I/O speeds.

Top Server Security

All servers are safeguarded is fully secured and wuth our robust security. For maximum safety, all computers have a firewall and anti-DDoS security.

Root Authentication

Purchase a bare metal server with complete remote control from any place via the console and do all necessary procedures.

SSD Powerd Storage

SSDs are used in servers to provide high-performance input/output speeds, resulting in speedier processing times for your server.

bare metal

Need For Bare Metal Server Server?

To address this issue, we must investigate the growth and potential of bare metal servers. According to some observers, the use of bare metal servers is increasing in comparison to other hosting alternatives.

Feature Full Server

Capable to solve all business related challenges. With bare metal server hosting there is no challenges users have to face and this will directly boosts up the accuracy of the businesses. One more thing, this platform has unique features that allow for great performance, security, and power.

Future Ready Server

In 2016, the total market value of bare metal servers was around $1.3 billion. According to Grandview Research, it is expected to reach $ 26.21 billion by 2025 which is quite awesome. And this is why it is future ready technology.

Best Server

Bare Metal Server Server Hosting in Tier 4 & Tier 3 DataCenter


SysTools is one of the best Indian suppliers of commercial-grade bare metal cloud server hosting. The entire dedicated bare-metal cloud computing provides the user's confidentiality, anti-DDoS protection, limitless bandwidth, and hyperfast & maximum performance.

Best Server

A server with any specific configuration required for the Game Server, Application Server, Database Storage Server, CRM Hosting, SAP Server, or hosting sensitive data may be easily built. Get the best Intel & AMD servers with Linux / Windows operating systems.

Cost Efficient

Cost reduction is critical for organisations to maximise income, and SysTools services assist them save labour expenses and save crucial time. The cost of establishing Noc services is always cheaper than the cost of dealing with problems once they arise.

Industry Verticals That We Are Handling

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics






Advanced Features of SysTools Bare Metal Server

There are a bundle of different features, that you can experience by our services in a professional manner.



When the hardware components are tuned and selected for best performance, bare metal servers deliver high-performance computing. A single-tenant physical server's resources may be tailored to your individual workloads so that it operates as expected. As a consequence, bare metal servers can improve your website's overall performance by making your resources more secure and scalable.


The bare metal servers are accessible through a private network, and the tenant connects to the unit via remote desktop access. The VPN establishes a private network connection by connecting to a certain end-point. If you have a large number of users that wish to connect to the Linux-based server, you may do so over a Secure Shell tunnel.


Businesses can lease bare-metal servers from a colocation center, their own data centers, or a managed hosting service. You may use any of these options, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but for small to medium-sized businesses, leasing a bare metal server is the best option.



Because of the manner we deliver our services, cloud architects may be with you at every stage of your migration. We consistently prioritise your organization's requirements when developing a solution model.


One of the finest aspects of a bare metal server is that it can be tailored to your specific online company requirements. You can select the features and characteristics that you want. Bare metal is entirely configurable, whether you need a certain GPU model, NVMe storage for high IOPS, or a bespoke RAID level or RAM-to-CPU ratio. You may personalize your bare metal server by adding the functionality that you desire.


When compared to a virtual server, bare metal is a single-tenant physical server that physically separates your applications, data, and resources for more security and privacy. Because you are not sharing your resources with tenants like a hypervisor server, you may avoid the "noisy neighbor effect" with these servers


What Our Customers Usually Ask When Opting for SysTools Bare Metal Server

It is a physical hardware machine that is solely available to a single renter. Essentially, it is similar to a dedicated server, yet it is similar. Because there are several distinctions between them, bare metal servers are now a popular issue.

Basically, the cloud server share computing resources between multiple cores. But the bare metal server are only used by single tenant.

Yes, you can easily upgrade your plans or hardware anytime.

Yes, our all servers are well protected from any cyber attack. We guarantees maximum security for your server and business.

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