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repair .zip file

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Zip Recovery Tool

Zip Repair software is integrated with an advanced recovery algorithm that effectively extracts all data and allows users to repair corrupt or inaccessible compressed WinZip files. Zip data Recovery Tool is also used to preview all types of file such as documents, images, text files, etc in a broken Zip file.

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  • Extract and repair corrupted or inaccessible WinZip file data
  • Option to load & preview the files within the zipped folders
  • Preview all types of files such as documents, Images, text etc.
  • There is no any file size limitation
    The Zip Repair software is tested with more than 500 MB of .zip file and noticed that it can easily repair any size of the compressed file.
    imposed with this software
  • Gives a feature to save recovered data in compressed format
  • Allows to Support Zip recovery of password protected zip files
  • Compatible to work with WinZip 18.0 and all below versions
    The Zip Recovery tool supports WinZip 18.0, 17.5, 17, 16.5, 16, and all other below versions of WinZip.

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Detailed Features

List of Highlighted Features of Zip File Repair Tool

Corrupt Zip

Repair Corrupt Zip File

A zip file may be corrupted due to many reasons such as virus attack, Trojan infection, improper shutdown, human errors etc. In such case, Zip Repair tool helps you to deal with this situation and repair corrupted zip file without any data loss. Before recovery process begins, the scans the all types of WinZip file present within an archived file.

Zip Files in Batch

Extract & Save Zip Files in Batch

The SysTools ZIP Recovery tool has an option to extract data from damage compressed file and save all these data. For this purpose, the utility will create a .zip file after extracting data from the source Zip file. Then, you can zip or save all the files and items into a single file without any data losses experienced.


Recover & Preview .zip Files

Once you open and scan .zip file, the tool displays a list in which all the files present within the archive folder. Here, you can see all types of file like documents, images, text files, etc. If you want to get an instant preview and know about associated details of any file, then just click on them. After that, tool let you to view the file name, actual file size, file size after compression, and percentage of compression.

No Size Limit

No File Size Limitations

Sometimes, people have a very large size of zip file that is inaccessible and they want to repair it. By using Zip Repair Software, they are allowed to compress and recover any size of the zip file. This Zip Data Recovery software is tested with more than 50 MB of the file and repairs them easily. So, the experts state that there is no any limitation with the size of zip file.


Extract File as Compressed

This Zip Recovery Tool is designed in such a way that it can extract damaged .rar / .zip file on the local machine after the recovery of corrupted .zip file. It also allows users to extract the selected files in compressed format or in uncompressed format according to their requirement. By default, the tool saves the extracted files in an uncompressed format only.

Overcome Errors

Overcome WinZip Errors

When a WinZip file gets corrupted or internally damaged and you are trying to unzip it. Then, there are chances that several types of errors may get generated. Some of them are "Archive is corrupt or damaged", "compressed folder is invalid or corrupted" "unknown compression method", etc. This Zip file Repair software is able to overcome all these errors.


How Does Zip Repair Tool Work in Windows OS?

Steps to Recover Data from Corrupted Zip Files


Working of Zip Recovery Tool


FAQs Related with Recovering & Repairing Damaged Zip Files

“I want to recover and repair corrupted ZIP file data with the help of SysTools Zip Repair software. But, I do not know the process to repair Zip file. Can someone please explain how to repair damaged Zip files using this Zip Data Recovery tool in brief?”
Ans: Yes, SysTools Zip File Data Repair tool will efficiently help to recover data from damaged .zip or .rar file. Go through the steps to know more:
  • 1) At first, Install and open the ZIP Recovery tool.
  • 2) Then, load your corrupted .zip file in it.
  • 3) Now, you can view Zip file data with its attributes.
  • 4) Finally, extract the repaired broken .zip file.

“I have lots of corrupted ZIP files. It will take a long time to repair corrupted Zip files one by one. So, I am looking for a solution that can recover data from corrupted Zip files at once. Please suggest me any solution for fixing broken .zip files.”
Ans: Yes, the software is designed in such a way that you can add any number of damaged .zip files and then repair and extract data from corrupted zip files at the same time.

“I have purchased Zip Repair software to repair corrupted WinZip files. But recently, I have updated my system from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. So, I want to know, does this Zip Repair tool supports Windows 10 OS?”
Ans: SysTools Zip Recovery tool is completely compatible to work with Windows 10 and all other below versions of Windows.

“I compressed image folder into a zip file for sending it through email. After compression, I notice that the size of zip file is 30 MB that is inaccessible. Now, I need to repair broken Zip file. So, I want to know that how much time the tool will take to repair damaged ZIP file of 30 MB in size.”
Ans: The total time taken by the Zip Repair tool totally depends upon the size of .zip file & level of corruption occurs in the Winzip file.

“I have a zip file that is internally corrupt. When I tried to unzip it, then it shows an error message “compressed folder is invalid or corrupted”. Can I fix corrupt Zip file with the help of Zip Data Repair tool?”
Ans: Yes, Zip Recovery tool can easily recover all the .zip files, which are unable to be restored properly due to any error.


Client Testimonials for Zip Recovery Tool

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