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VMware Recovery Tool

VMware Restore utility recovers data from corrupt or inaccessible VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) Files in few moments without losing a bit data information in a precise form. The application maintains the data integrity after recovering the data.

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  • Scan & repair inaccessible VMware file in virtual machine
  • Tool supports to RAW Reader for any VMDK file type having header corruption
  • Application allows various languages from Setup and Application
  • Tool able to execute VMDK RAW data recovery from FAT and NTFS partition
  • Perform advanced search for the partitions by reading bit-by-bit
  • All the partition will be detected if it is present in VMDK file
  • Software supports to detect partition if partition boot sector corrupted for monolithic-flat
  • Application supports to recover data from GPT and MBR partition type
  • Perform advanced search for the partitions by reading bit-by-bit
  • All the partition will be detected if it is present in VMDK file
  • Tool supports to RAW Reader for any vmdk file type having header corruption
  • Save all the lost and deleted Virtual VMDK data files
  • Tool offers to detect partition if OS's Boot Sector gets corrupted for monolithic-flat

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Detailed Features

Major Features Of VMware Restore Utility

Recover VMware Data

Recover VMware Data In Batch

VMware data recovery utility comes up with an option for recovering virtual machine VMDK data files from inaccessible state and later on convert them to healthy state. In addition, the software does data recovery of VMDK files in bulk. With the software, it is likely to save the corrupted data from multiple VMDK files at a time.

Option of Searching

Option of Searching For Virtual Machine

VMware data recovery utility allows in execution the complete recovery of virtual machine data. In case if user is not able to search the store location of virtual machine then, virtual machine can be easily searched by two options:

  • All Drives: Searching for all drives will be done for virtual machine
  • Specific Drive: the stated drive will be searched for virtual machine

Preview Data

Preview Data with Attributes

VMDK file gets scanned by the software, all the data items, which in files are enlisted. All the files can be previewed accordingly via size, modification date, name, etc. In addition, the software allows the viewing of data files via file extensions like .xml, .dir, .log, etc.

Search Option

Perform Searching Within Machine

VMDK data recovery software supports to recover files from VMware VMDK files by searching within virtual machine for required files. The data files can be easily searched by utilizing an option like modification date, creation date, name, etc. Moreover, filters of date can be useful for researching and choosing VMware virtual machine data recovery.

VMDK Files

Save Recovered VMDK Files

VMware Repair utility can get VMDK files and after the recovery of data files, the application comes up with two options to save recovered file. The recovered files can be saved either at any required location or at same location of VMDK data file. The application checks that the data is saved at safe as well as secure location after it is recovered.

Recover Selected

Recover Selected VMDK Files

VMDK data recovery software provides an option for selectively recovery of the VMDK data from VMware and save them at original location. The utility panel of the software comprises of check or unchecks option in a manner way to retrieve selectively data from VMDK data files that are saved in virtual machine.


How to recover VMware Data?

Steps to Restore VMware Data


Recovery of VMware Data Related FAQ's

"I am having VMDK files but the problem is that my files have got corrupted. Is there any way to recover the data?”
Ans: Yes, the VMWare Recovey Software is designed in such a way that it recovers all the inaccessible as well as corrupted VMDK data files in exact form without compromising the quality of data.

“I am having about 1000+ VMDK files on my system that I need to recover. Is there any way to recover numerous of data files at once?”
Ans: VMware Restore utility is algorithm in such a way that it recovers unlimited data files at once without any file size limitation.

“I am having a lot of inaccessible VMDK files in my system. However, I need to recover the selective data files. Is there any way to recover the selective recovery of data?”
Ans: VMware Restore utility comes up with an option to perform the selective recovery of data and even offers an option to search the files from the machine.


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