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The VCF Reader Tool can easily open and view all VCF Contacts along with images. The VCF File Viewer for PC is compatible with a single as well as multiple vCard files. It supports various vCard file versions, namely vCard 4.0, vCard 3.0, and vCard 2.1 in Windows operating system.

  • Credible and reliable to open, read and view multiple VCF files
  • Supported by both single as well as multiple contact .vcf files
  • VCF Viewer is operable on multiple platform
    vCard Viewer software supports multiple mail clients such as iCloud, Outlook, G-Suite, Mac Address Book, Windows Address Book, iPhone, iCloud, PALM OS, Mac Mail, Apple, Android, WhatsApp, Blackberry, Entourage, Windows Mail and Live Mail to provide access to all types of vCard file
    to open Vcard file
  • Provides option to view and read modified vCard VCF files
  • Option to sort contacts in vCard files into desired folders
  • Vcard Viewer provides Add Folder & File option to add .vcf
  • Option to display the number of contacts in a single VCF file

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vcf file reader

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VCF File Reader Tool Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of VCF Viewer Freeware

Prominent Features of vCard Viewer Software

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Display VCF Contact With Images

Users can easily open, read and view vCard contacts and data files using VCF Reader Freeware utility. Even it can provide all attributes such as name, surname, email address, etc., that are associated with each contact in VCF file. In addition, it will allow to show images along with vCard contacts.

reading vcard files using vcf file reader

Supports 2 Different Type of vCard

The software to read .vcf files is programmed in such a way that, a user can save two types of vCard data files. First one is a single contact VCF file and the second one is multiple .vcf contact file. A user can also preview any file in the list with this program. Moreover, it also renders to display the Group vCards files.

vcf file opener freeware to view vcf file in windows

Workable With all VCF File Formats

The vCard Viewer Software offers an advanced option to read vCard files and access it independently without any error. Additionally, this application also supports a .vcf file of multiple platforms including Gmail, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and so on. Users can open and view VCF file without the need of any mail client.

VCF file viewer application to open vcf files

Add and View VCF Data Via Two Modes

The vCard file opener tool provides two different options like Add file & Add Folder for adding the .vcf file. If users want to add one single vCard data at a time then, use Add File option. Also, if users wish to add an entire folder, which comprises of several VCF files, so the user can use Add Folder option and then view VCF contacts in vCard file.

sort vcf file and view vcard file

Sort All Contacts Into VCF Files

One of the best features of vCard Viewer Software is, that our tool renders an option to search all address books saved inside the VCF file. End users can sort multiple VCF files according to their necessity i.e., in an alphabetical order by date modified or size, etc. It will permit a user to deal with all VCF contacts easily.

How to Open and Read VCF Files Using the vCard Opener?

Steps to View vCard Files in Windows

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FAQ's Related To vCard File Reader Tool

“I have more than 500 contacts in vCard format. Now, I want to see all .vcf Files along with details of selected contacts. Will it be possible through this freeware application?”

Ans: Yes, with the vCard viewer tool, users can freely sort the address books inside the VCF data file.

“Currently I have Mac OS and all my VCF files are saved in the computer system. Therefore, I want to know that if I change just operating system to Windows will I be able to run it or not? ie. How to view VCF file in Windows 7 OS?"

Ans: Yes, Of course, the VCF file reader is a Windows-based tool. It will support all editions of Windows machine. So you can use this utility for reading vCard files in Windows operating system.

“I have lots of VCF data files and I just want to access all of them. Thus, is there any relevant solution to open the VCF files?”

Ans: Yes, end users can easily open, view, and read the address books from a single or multiple vCard files along with their images.

“I have a number of vCard files but does not have MS Outlook pre-installed on my PC. On urgent basis, I want to view VCF files and display all contacts as well. Is there any suitable way for this problem?”

Ans: Yes, with the vCard Viewer Software, the users can easily open .vcf files to view vCard file. In fact, there is no need to install MS Outlook for viewing VCF files.

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