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USB Blocker Software

Windows USB Blocker Tool is a developed to block or unblock all ports of USB of user machine. The software needs the username along with the password to block/unblock the ports. Users can recover the password if lost anyhow.

  • Option to block all the USB Ports from any user device
  • Recover lost user password with the help of email address
  • Set a new password to unblock and block the USB Ports
  • Re-login into User device to block USB ports on multiple machines

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Features, Video and FAQ's of Windows USB Security Blocker Tool

Features of USB Port Blocker Software

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Block System USB Port

USB Blocker software performs a very essential function of blocking of USB ports. This blocking restricts unwanted users from accessing USB devices on the system. Some of these USB devices are flash drive, pen drive, etc. This also ensures that no extraction of data takes places in the absence of a user. Users can also block all USB ports available on the device at once.

usb block erupter

Machine & User Credentials

USB Block utility needs the machine and the password of the user to block and unblock USB ports; if the credentials are not known, then the user cannot block or unblock the ports. A common password should be used every time to unblock the USB ports.

USB Port Blocker

Unblock System USB Port

Apart from blocking facility, this software also allows the users to unblock whenever there is a need. With this, users can once again access the ports of the system to connect flash drives or pen drives or any other storage device. Users can unblock all the ports at once with the help of USB Port Blocker tool. Provide login password and then, unblock that USB port, which is in blocked state and vice versa.

Block muliple usb ports

Work on Various Devices

The tool is capable to block unlimited USB ports of different computers or laptops. For this, users must install it on each device or laptop and block or unblock ports as per the requirement.

USB Block Erupter Tool Video

How to block USB security Via usb block erupter Software

Steps to use USB port blocker


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