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thunderbird import wizard

Size:7.87 MB Version: 4.1

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Thunderbird Import Wizard

It is a simple solution to import MBOX files into Thunderbird account. This tool also imports multiple Maildir, EMLX & EML files into Thunderbird Profile.

(Average Rating 4.6 Based on 626 Reviews)
  • Import MBOX files into Thunderbird in batch mode
  • Supports EML, EMLX, Maildir file import in Thunderbird
  • Selective/bulk import via Select File or Select Folder option
  • Capable to import MBOX emails along with the attachments
  • Date Range filter option for importing only the required data
  • Retains Folder Hierarchy of source file during import
  • Supports all versions of Windows OS (32 and 64 Bit)
  • There is no file size limitation associated with this software
  • Thunderbird Installation & Configuration are mandatory

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Detailed Features

Advanced Speciality of Thunderbird Import Wizard

Batch Import MBOX Files into Thunderbird

This highly innovative software easily import various Gmail MBOX & Google Takeout into Thunderbird. It brings altogether a new features suite and completes the entire task within some simple clicks. Import any emails in bulk is always been a tough task for users, therefore this utility makes this process convenient for them.

Preserves On-Disk Folder Hierarchy

Apart from importing the data in Thunderbird, this tool keeps the hierarchy of folder intact. It retains folder structure for a particular folder within the MBOX files, which can be moved to Thunderbird directly. Moreover, it also supports SBD folder that also have MBOX files. It's Windows based utility therefore, compatible with all version of Windows OS.

Import EML / EMLX Files to Thunderbird

A number of email clients of both Windows and Mac OS platform store individual emails in EML / EMLX files. Using the latest version of Thunderbird Importer Tool, users can import any number of EML & EMLX files in Thunderbird at the same time. Email clients the produce EML, EMLX files are Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

Move Maildir in Thunderbird

Maildir is a file format generated by some Thunderbird account where the advanced settings is set as Maildir. Like MBOX, this file format also stores the Thunderbird mailbox data in it. Thunderbird Import Wizard software allows users to import .maildir file to Thunderbird without losing any data.

Import MBOX Files and Folders

This utility comes up with two options to view and add MBOX data files to Thunderbird. User can choose any of the desired options. Firstly, it is possible to import MBOX files into Thunderbird one after the other by using add files. Secondly, users can import the MBOX files in batch mode with the help of add folders.

Import the Data Completely

Thunderbird Import Wizard is used by many professionals. The reason behind this popularity is its ability to import the complete data into Thunderbird profile without any issue. Once it is done, users can open and access the MBOX data with its Meta data, email headers, etc. In addition, there is no file size limitation associated with this program.

Apply Date Filter Option

Another interesting feature of this simplified technology is date filter option. Sometimes users wish to move only the data falling under a certain date range. For this, they can opt for this option of this utility to import mbox folder into Thunderbird. Users just need to go “From Date” and “To Date” for selecting the date. After this, they get the data of the same range.

Transfer into Required Profile

Users cannot only move the files in the configured profile, but also to any of the email account. This account should be configured in Thunderbird. This option ultimately, creates an easier environment for its all users to accomplish their task. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the data security. The utility keeps the files safe in it panel.


Import MBOX Files into Thunderbird - Complete Steps


Thunderbird Import Wizard Product Video


What Users Ask While Importing MBOX Files into Thunderbird?

  1. Run the Thunderbird Import Wizard.
  2. Add files or folders.
  3. Choose required data.
  4. choose the required items.
  5. Successfully get the final result.

Yes, it is very simple to import Google Mail MBOX files folder into Thunderbird using this date filter option. It makes the whole process effortless and quickly import Gmail mailbox files.

Yes, our tool is designed in such a manner that it can be accessed in any of version of Windows Operating system.


Customer Testimonials for Thunderbird Import Wizard

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