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thunderbird eml viewer

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Thunderbird EML Viewer

EML files are used as mailing files. Many email clients like Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc supports EML files. It files comprises of ASCII text for storing headers and main message body along with attachments and hyperlinks.

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  • Works as a standalone utility to explore, read and open all EML files
  • Provides Windows Explorer style interface to load, auto-locate emails
  • Renders users with flexible display modes i.e., Vertical and horizontal
  • Directly view an EML file without any other mailing client pre-installed
  • The built-in EML File Viewer allows users to preview all attachments easily

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Detailed Features

Features of EML File Opener Software

Open and View

Open, View, Read EML files with Attachments

The thunderbird EML viewer utility allows the users with an option where they can easily get the preview of mails. Users can even get to know the messages with its properties i.e., to, from, received date, subject, and size. In addition to it, the user also gets a glimpse of attachments like .doc, images, .docx, .ppt, .xls and others too.

Multiple Formats

Preview MSG files in Multiple Formats

The EML file represents individual emails in a message storage form that is flexible. These message files are stored by many desktop email platforms. The internal structure of EML browser utility is generated in such a way, that it can easily read all the messages in the EML file formats form without any hassle.


Auto-Load all the EML Files Using Software

The EML Opener tool is so robust, that it shows total count of mails present inside a folder. In contrary to it, users easily can select the folder comprising of Outlook Express EML files. The thunderbird EML Viewer software processes .eml files and automatically loads them all to preview the mails to users without any issue.


View & Open EML Files Created by Gmail, Hotmail

The EML Reader tool has that credibility to save the Gmail message as text files. The Outlook Express EML viewer tool even renders users to access the complete message represented in the program. The header file in text form when changed to .eml becomes the corresponding message. Same happens in case of Hotmail.


Renders with an Option to View & Read Noname.eml

The utility is so well managed that it supports all emails whether sent or received using noname.eml. These kinds of attachments after receiving on Web based service of email are not accessible usually. Using the thunderbird eml reader utility, users can easily make sure that they read noname.eml format attachments too.

Preview Modes

Provides Preview Modes & Windows Explorer Interface

Users can switch the mode from horizontal to vertical in case of emails. Users can easily switch between the modes. By default the outlook express eml viewer utility generates the horizontal mode. In addition to it, the users get the user friendly interface that is similar to Windows Explorer. It even lets the user’s easy navigation of the folders comprising of .eml files and view them.


How to Open and Read Outlook EML Data

Step to Open, View or Explore EML file email:


Watch How to browse EML file to View Data


Thunderbird EML Viewer Related FAQ's

"I recently updated my system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I had so many software working on Windows 7 platforms. But to my shock that only few of them were compatible with the new edition. I just wanted to know that does the software support working in Windows 10 arena?"
Ans: Yes, the EML File Viewer software is completely compatible with all the versions of Windows be it older or latter one.

“I have a bunch of EML files. Few of them are in a corrupt state. Does the Outlook Express EML reader utility supports users to view and read EML files? Is it capable of repairing the files too or it only supports preview of files? Moreover, is there any restrictions imposed on the EML files i.e., tool can only process small sized files or large sized files?”
Ans: No, the EML Opener tool can view many EML files. The utility can view the corrupt files but it cannot recover corrupted files.

“I want to use EML Reader but I don’t have either Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird pre-installed in my system? Is it necessary to install any other mailing client to make EML Viewer function? I am worried that will the tool work with being Outlook Express or any other application.”
Ans: No, you can easily use the EML Opener without being present in any other mailing client arena. The tool works as a stand-alone utility.


Client Testimonials for Thunderbird EML Viewer

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