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SQL server decryptor is an automated solution for decrypting SQL stored procedures, views, triggers, and user-defined functions. This SQL database Decrypt Tool is compatible with almost all versions of the SQL server i.e., 2014, 2012, and below. One will be able to save time and money, which would be spent on restoring lost initial code for encrypting the SQL objects.

  • Requires no prior knowledge of any source code or database scripting
  • Dual SQL Login Modes: Windows & SQL Server Authentication Mode
  • Tool needs the SQL server credentials to decrypt database file
  • Export decrypted SQL database: SQL server & Compatible Script
  • No SQL file size limitation: Decrypt SQL database file of any size
  • SQL server installation is required for SQL server database decryption

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Commendable Features of SQL Server Decryptor

Features, Video and FAQ's of SQL Server Decryptor

Features of SQL Server Database Decryptor Software

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Remove Encryption From SQL Database

A private key gets generated when database gets encrypted. If the object decryption key is unavailable then, SQL decryptor is one of the best solution to decrypt SQL database because one just have to provide the server and database name with authentication for decryption.

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Provide Two Modes of SQL Authentication

There are two SQL server authentication modes provided to end users while logging into the server and they are as followed:
Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication
Users can choose any one of them and authenticate their server credentials with help of any technique.

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Preview SQL Objects After Decryption

After decrypting entire SQL database file, software loads the data within its preview panel. Different SQL server attributes like stored procedure, triggers, and functions could be previewed in the software panel before they are saved directly to SQL server or in its compatible scripts.

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Option to Export Decrypted SQL Items

The SQL decryptor is designed in such a way that it provides options to extract and save the decrypted data with or without encryption. Users can save either data directly in the SQL server or in SQL server compatible script. Valid SQL server credentials will be required to move decrypted data in the server.

SQL Server Decryptor Video

SQL Database Decrypt Tool Related FAQ's

No, the product is not having provision of saving data in any kind of secretive database. Your data will be totally safe and secure from any type of related risk.

How to Decrypt Encrypted SQL Server Database Files With Tool?

Steps to remove encryption from sql server database


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