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PST File Compact Utility is simplified tool to compress all the PST Files in a trouble-free way. It is having many essential features that ensure the compaction of PST files in a proper way without any modification in the data.

  • Compress multiple Outlook PST files in batch
  • Supports both ANSI & UNICODE PST files
  • Maintain the data integrity after PST compression
  • MS Outlook is needed to perform procedure
  • Support PST file of all Microsoft Outlook version

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Windows 8 & Outlook 2013 Support

Compact PST File Utility

Features, Video and FAQ's of the Software to Condense PST Files

Major Features Of Outlook PST Compact Tool

Compact Large PST Files

Recover VMware Data In Batch

Compact Large PST files This software provides a facility to compress large PST files in a trouble freeway. A large ANSI PST file, which is about to touch 2GB size, may leads to corruption of such file. Therefore, with this tool, a user can reduce size and thus, manage Outlook files easily.

Compact PST file Utility

Options To Condense PST

The PST File Compact Utility comes up with multiple options to compress Outlook PST file. Users can remove, extract, and save attachments to reduce size of PST files. This software provides facility to compress the attachments, as per the requirement and make it easy for users in tackling with Outlook files of large size.

restore attchment

Extract and Store Attachments

Users can compress PST files without deleting attachments because this product gives an option to extract attachments, which is there in Outlook PST file and save them on local machine. With help of this feature, one can reduce PST file size just by removing attachments from emails of source PST files.

Compact PST File Utility

Eliminate PST Attachments

PST Compress utility renders an another option to compress Outlook data file i.e., Eliminate PST attachments. This options permanently removes email attachments of a PST file, which are no longer saved either on local machine or anywhere else. As a result, this step will shrink the PST size and eliminate the attachments from source PST files.

Save Recovered VMDK Files

Compress and Save Attachments

This is the last option provided by Outlook compression tool, which reduce file size by first extracting attachments and then compressing them in ZIP file format. It means that attachments are removed from PST file and saved in ZIP format on local machine. In such cases, both the PST file and attachment files both will be in compact form.

Recover Selected VMDK Files

Generates Complete Progress Report

PST File Compact Utility creates a complete progress report, which makes easy for users to analyze compression procedure for future usage. This confirmation report includes each and every information, which includes name of the PST file, name of the folder, total number of mails, and reported attachments, as well.

PST Compact Utility Video

How to compact a Large PST File

Steps to condense PST file


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