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Adobe PDF Watermark Generator is an effective solution to add a text or image on multiple PDF files at once. This freeware software provides two option for creating watermark in the background of a PDF document. It is a Windows-based program, which is supported on almost all versions of Windows i.e., Windows 10, 8, 7 and all below versions.

  • PDF watermark generator tool to add watermark to multiple PDF files in batch
  • Provide option to add text, image and date & time as watermark
  • Set watermark (text/ date & time) with any desired color, location, style and size
  • Support watermark images of any format: JPG, PNG, JPEG, BMP, JPEG, JPE, JFIF
  • Users can change opacity and rotation of watermark and layer it above or below the PDF text
  • Users generate watermark on even pages, odd pages, specific pages & page range
  • Generates watermark on restricted PDF files (256-bit encrypted PDF document)

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Adobe PDF Watermark Generator Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of Adobe PDF Watermark Generator Tool

Features of Adobe PDF Watermark Generator Software

PDF watermark software

Stamp PDF Watermark in the MOST Efficient Way

PDF watermark Tool provides a solution to users in making their PDF files confidential and imposing copyright upon them. It enable users to create watermark of any type on multiple PDF files at once.

PDF Document watermark tool

2 Ways to Add Watermark

Following three options are provided by the product while imposing watermark in PDF files:

  • Text Watermark: Enable stamping of text on PDF files
  • Image Watermark: Enable adding of an image as watermark in PDF files
  • Date & Time: Enable current date & time stamp in PDF files
customizew watermark position

Customize Position & font settings

PDF Watermark generator application provides feature to write any text as PDF watermark and set its placement accordingly. Users can do desired font customizations like setting color, style, & size

PDF  File watermark tool

Dual Ways to Select PDF files

While selecting PDF files in which watermark is to be imposed, the software provides following two options:

  • Add File(s): Users can select one or more PDF files in a one-by-one scenario
  • Add Folder: Clients can create a new folder and add multiple PDF files into that folder. After this, select this folder directly in software with help of this option
Image scaling

Image Scaling to Fit Position:

While stamping an image as watermark in PDF files, product renders a scaling option. This option will help in fitting the selected image properly in PDF files as watermark. One is free to choose any option for positioning the image. After choosing an option, verify the scan image feature for fitting it at desired location.

Add PDF File Watermark Tool Video

Adobe PDF Watermark Generator Tool Related FAQ's

Adobe Acrobat reader 11.0 or any of its below versions is easily supported by PDF Watermark Adder software as its prerequisite.

How to Add Watermark to Multiple PDF Files At Once Via Software

Steps Append Watermark in PDF Files


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