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Removing watermarks from PDF file document is conveniently rendered by PDF File Watermark Eraser software. The tool removes embedded images such as stamp, signature, watermarks & logo. Moreover, there is no compromise is made with originality & quality of resultant PDF files.

  • Erase watermarks from multiple PDF files in batch
  • Remove watermarks from Adobe Acrobat PDF files only
  • The software maintains the quality & originality of resultant PDF files
  • Remove logo, watermarks & signature all integrated images
  • It is necessary to install Adobe Reader 9.0 & below version on machine

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Detailed Features of PDF Watermark Eraser

Features, Video and FAQ's of Adobe PDF Document Watermark Eraser Tool

Features of Adobe PDF Watermark Eraser Software

Erase watermark in bulk

Erase PDF Watermark in Bulk

A user can use this PDF Watermark eraser to delete watermarks from PDF file. Moreover, if a user wants then, remove watermarks from multiple PDF files at once. One just needs to select Add folder option of the folder to add multiple PDF directly to and all must be saved at the common location. If a user wants then, he can delete unwanted PDF files from the list by selecting remove PDF files option.

display current status tool

Display Current Status Report

The PDF Watermarks Eraser designed in such a way that after adding PDF files, the software display the progress summary. This progress report incorporates details such as the name of the PDF files, current status, and path of PDF file. Before beginning watermark removal process, default status is displayed i.e. Not Started.

retain integrity

Retains Integrity of PDF File Data

The most attractive feature of this PDF Watermark Eraser is that while deleting watermark from PDF files, the software does not compromise with the originality of the PDF files. It means there are no modifications made to the PDF file data. All formatting, restriction remains intact.

compatible with PDF

Compatible with Adobe Acrobat PDF

The PDF Watermark Eliminator allows users to remove watermarks from PDF created from Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, a user can edit and renew document with or without new watermark imposed.

save desired location

Save PDF File at Desired Location

After removing watermarks, a user is allowed to create a new folder to save to resultant PDF files from software panel. Apart from this, a user is also allowed to save the file at any desired location of his choice.

Support all windows

Supports all MS Windows Versions

The PDF Watermark Eraser is completely a Windows-based application. A user can easily run this tool on all versions of Microsoft Windows. All PDF files that are available on Windows OS can easily be loaded on this software to remove PDF Watermarks. Moreover, the PDF Watermark Eraser allows users to perform simple and convenient software download.

Delete PDF File Watermark Tool Video

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