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Backup Office 365 data

Size: 94.4 MB Version: 5.6.0

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Office 365 Backup Tool

The Office 365 Backup software can archive or download Office 365 account data to the local server of the user easily. This application can save O365 emails, contacts, calendars and documents to a local system in without any data loss.

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  • Backup Office 365 Data Files into Local Server/ Machine in Outlook PST format
  • Maintains Folder Hierarchy of Entire Data in Microsoft Office 365 Account
  • Can Save or Download Complete Office 365 User Account Data Locally
  • Backup Multiple O365 Accounts Simultaneously Without Any Issue
  • Select Any Desired Location to Save Resultant Data to Local System
  • The Tool Does Not Impose Any Account Size Restrictions During the Process
  • Restore Office 365 Mailbox from Backup Using this One-Stop Solution
  • Archive O365 Utility Supports Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012 / 2016

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Detailed Features

Features of MS Office 365 Backup Tool

Backup in Batch

Backup O365 Mailboxes in Batch

Using Microsoft 365 backup software, you can backup complete data of multiple O365 mailboxes (Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Documents) from the cloud to your on-premises storage. To do this, the administrator needs to get or import users into the tool and select a backup destination.

Advance Options

Advance Options for Backup

Office 365 mailbox backup software offers several reliable features that make the whole process efficient:

  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: This option is used to preserve the data folder structure when saving data in PST format.
  • Date Range Filter: For archiving data for a certain period of time in the local system.

O365 Mailbox

Restore O365 Mailbox from Backup

Using the Microsoft O365 restore option, the administrator can easily restore data and transfer Outlook to Office 365 mailbox using the PST file generated by this tool. You can also save the actual folder structure using the folder hierarchy feature. This Office 365 backup and restore tool acts as a one-stop solution to help them easily manage O365 mailboxes.

Track Status

Track Backup Status

The Dashboard window is very useful for gathering information about the current Office 365 backup process. It will be available for the backup as well as the restore process. The user will see information about emails, calendars, contacts and documents. Thus, they can analyze how much data is loaded and how much is left.

Backup Reports

Create Two Backup Reports

This O365 backup tool permits you to export two backup reports:

  • Summary Report: This backup report includes details of all user accounts in a single report.
  • Detailed Report: The detailed report contains details of individual O365 account.


Re-Run Office 365 Backup

There are 3 options to re-run backup:

  • Retry Failed Items: Useful in scenarios if any item is failed during backup.
  • Re-Run Complete Backup: This option will run backup again if any item got skipped.
  • Delta Backup: You can use this option to backup newly received data into account.

Stop and Start

Stop and Start Backup

For a seamless backup process, Office 365 backup offers a Stop and Start feature. With this feature, you can stop the current process and then start it when needed. This whole process will not lead to data loss and guarantees the integrity of the data.

Most Recommended

Most Recommended Solution

This O365 mailbox backup solution is trusted by many Office 365 administrators and technical experts around the world. The software does not compromise the security of the user's mailboxes during the process. What's more, it does not save any user credentials, which is O365 data backup solution.


How to Archive Office 365 account Using This Product?

Steps to Copy MS Office 365 Content Locally


Office 365 Backup Tool


Download Office 365 Files

“I am having large amount data in my Office 365 account. I want to know that whether I can store all those data at the same time to local drive using this application?”
Ans: No, There are no size limit of backup file. The speed of data storing can be fixed by many factors, independent from the Office 365 archive tool itself, e.g. network bandwidth.

“My Office 365 account contains so many important data. I need to save those files into my PC now. Does this product can backup Office 365 files locally?”
Ans: With this O365 archive utility, one can save Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars and documents easily at any time to your Hard-drive or Pen-drive.

“I know Office 365 backup tool can archive all files in O365 account at once, but i need to store all my calendar from the account.”
Ans: With this software one can download any Office 365 files easily. you can take backup of your contacts, calendars & emails etc. For individually accessing calendar in O365, apply filter and choose calendars.

“I just need to trail your tool, because I am having very confidential data in my account. I can’t loose it at any cost. So I need to check the application before staring Office 365 backup.”
Ans: We are presenting the Office 365 content Backup Software in two versions; Demo and Licensed copy. Using the Demo Version of the tool, you can easily test its capability and working before and be sure of spending on the right product. Full version will copy limitless Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars easily.


Client Testimonials for Office 365 Backup

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