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Office 365 Tenant Migrator

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Office 365 to Office 365 Migration software to transfer mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another account / domain. It moves emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc. from one O365 tenant to new tenant without any data loss.

  • Supports transferring of mailboxes in several domains of Office 365
  • Additional option to mention list of folders that users want to export
  • Transfer one Office 365 account
    Microsoft O365 tenant to tenant migration application exports email, address book, tasks, and calendars etc. from Office 365 account to new account or in same domain.
    to another without any restrictions
  • Browse CSV file having source and destination mailboxes information
  • Date-based filtering feature for transferring various MS O365 items
  • Move data to several users mailboxes in bulk via impersonation facility
  • Alternative to combine two Office 365 tenants with folder mapping option

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Modules of Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Software

Features, Video and FAQ's on Combining Two Office 365 Accounts

Features of Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrator

merge two office 365 accounts

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration

Transferring of Office 365 data to another Office 365 mailbox enables users to move emails from one Office 365 account to another domain. It acts as a perfect means to merge two Office 365 tenants for one or the other purpose. The software provides the facility of mapping and exporting items from one mailbox to the targeted tenant.

combine two email accounts office 365

Add CSV File for Adding Credentials

The data transferring procedure requires complete credentials of source and destination of Office 365 tenant. For this, the O365 tenant to tenant exporter software renders a very easy feature of adding CSV file in the tool. This CSV should be having source email id, source email password, destination email id, and destination email password.

ffice 365 tenant transfer using filters

Filter Out All The Unwanted Items

The product migrates mailboxes from one Office 365 tenant to another domain. It is possible to filter out unwanted emails at the time of the migration procedure. Users can set the date range whose data is to be moved in targeted O365 domain. This option is applicable to emails, tasks, and calendars, items only.

office 365 tenant to tenant

Transfer Data From Selective Mailboxes

Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool renders feature to filter out unwanted mailboxes at the time of data transferring procedure. Check or uncheck only those mailboxes, which you want or don’t want to move in the targeted tenant. This will be moving data as it is, without any change in the folder structure.

validate microsoft O365 ids

Validate and Then Export Mailboxes

Once you have successfully added source and targeted mailboxes information, the products start mapping the mailboxes. When the mapping gets finished, it will be authenticating each mailbox and then, let users proceed with the migration.

move domain to another tenant customized

Customize the Ongoing Migration

O365 to O365 migration utility provides pause and resume button to customize data transferring procedure. This will be very much helpful when there is slow internet connection at the user's end. In addition to this, the software also displays the live status report of the data migration procedure.

Pause and Resume

Pause & Resume Option

The Office 365 Tenant Migrator provides an feature that allows the user to pause the process and resume it whenever needed. The exporting will get resumed from the point where it was paused. This way the tool ensures uninterrupted transfer of one account to another domain even in the poor internet connectivity.

advance setting

Move Folders via Folder List

The Office 365 tenant to tenant migration application will allow the users to move folders, by entering the list of folders that one needed to export. Thaht is; this way the application allows the users to perform selective conversion of only those folders which they need to transfer to new account in O365.

How To Migrate Office 365 Tenant To Another Tenant?

Steps to Merge Office 365 Domains

Watch!! How to Migrate Office 365 To Office 365 Tenants?
FAQs on How to Merge Office 365 Accounts
“I want to transfer my emails from official O365 id to personal one. I found Office 365 to Office 365 migration software is reliable for me. So, I want to learn the steps to do this data transferring with help of your migrator?”
Ans: Follow below-mentioned steps to move data from one O365 tenant to another domain/ account:
  • Launch the migration software on your machine
  • Import the CSV having source & destination mailboxes information
  • Click Next and select data to be moved to targeted tenant
  • At last, click on Export button to begin the actual procedure
“There are few mailboxes in the primary O365, which are shared. I want to transfer these shared mailboxes to another Office 365 domain. Can I use your product for this?”
Ans: No, till now, our software does not support migration of the shared mailboxes. But, this feature is going to be soon seen the upcoming version of the product.
“Actually, it is impossible for me to arrange a smooth internet connection to attempt migration. I tried to establish such connection but, not possible in my area. Therefore, I require a software that works in a way that even if the migration procedure gets interrupted then, it resumes the process from where it stopped. Is there any approach like this?”
Ans: Yes, the tool renders an uninterrupted migration because it offers a pause-and-resume option to its users. Utilize both these options to resume the procedure from where it was interrupted.
“I want to transfer Office 365 mailbox to another account, which is having different domain than that of the source one. So, I want to learn that can I attempt this type of data migration with help of your product?”
Ans: Yes, of course, our Office 365 to Office 365 migrator is capable of moving Office 365 domain to another tenant.

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