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NSF Splitter is a much-needed application for users working dependently with IBM Notes. The overgrowing size of NSF database can be controlled by splitting it with NSF splitter tool. The application features multiple modes for splitting a Notes database for a convenient user experience.

  • Split IBM Notes Database: Archive, Contacts, or Mailbox
  • Customized Split Mode: By Size, Date, Year, and Folder
  • Automated log report generated for Notes database split
  • Domino Server NSF file splitting also feature by the tool
  • Split a protected Notes database file using its password
  • Learn how to split large Lotus Notes with freeware trial

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NSF Splitter Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of NSF Splitter Tools

Features of NSF Splitter Utility

Split Notes Database

Split Notes Database

Notes databases can be split with this application to get a well-organized and manageable output. NSF file splitter software is programmed to support databases of any given size for splitting purpose without coming across technical glitches.

Multiple Split Modes

Multiple Split Modes

Different modes of the splitting database are featured by the software for rendering a suitable solution to all user types. It is possible to split NSF files via the specified size, perform folder-based division, or generate year/date wise archives with the tool.

unlimited size support

Unlimited Size Support

The NSF Splitter Software supports different types of database sizes. You can process IBM Notes database of any given size for splitting purpose. There are no limitations imposed on the size of the database being processed by the software.

split NSF File

Split Domino Server NSF

In order to widen the prospects of having a manageable storage for users, the NSF Split Software features support for Domino database too. You cannot only split a Notes client database but also make a Domino Server end database manageable.

NSF split

Password Protected Split

NSF Split tool is capable of supporting the customized division of protected Notes databases. Once a protected database is successfully processed, the tool asks for its respective password. Providing this enables you to split a password database.

Auto Generation

Report Auto-Generation

Once the NSF Splitter Software has finished processing a Notes database splitting, it reports the entire procedure and generated output. A detailed report is automatically generated by the software for future reference to be made by users just in case it is required.

NSF Splitter Product Video

Watch Procedure to Split NSF by Size

Watch Procedure to Split NSF by Date

Watch Procedure to Split NSF by Year
Watch Procedure to Split NSF by Folder
NSF Split Tool Related FAQ's
Ans: Using NSF Split is a recommendable solution to perform database splitting in the easiest of manner. The application enables splitting a Notes database of any type and size into multiple parts with different modes of splitting. The modes of splitting database enhance the output generated and increases user convenience. Instead of going with lengthy and repetitive manual approaches, it is better to go with an automated and minimally priced application.
How to Split NSF using the Product?

Steps to Divide the NSF File into Multiple Parts


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