NSF Merge Software

NSF Merge Software

Merge multiple NSF files with the help of NSF merger tool. The NSF File Merge Software is programmed to combine Notes database files together to offer a manageable single storage. A freeware trial version enables software trial before investment being made.

  • Combine multiple IBM Notes database files into one
  • Join Notes NSF database files into Domino database
  • Removal of duplicates from across multiple NSF files
  • Customize the merge process by choosing display name
  • Merge databases successfully despite an offline server
  • All IBM Notes versions supported by the merge NSF tool
  • Learn how to join multiple NSF files with freeware trial

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NSF File Merge Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of Lotus Notes NSF Files Combine Software

Detailed Features to NSF Merge Tool

Lotus Database Merge

Lotus Database Merge

Notes databases can be merged from multiples to a single storage with the help of NSF Merge tool. The NSF Merge Tool offers Merge option to combine all the databases into a common mailbox for better and enhanced manageability.

Join NSF Files

Join NSF File Contents

Besides Lotus Notes NSF merge, Software features an option namely, ‘Join’. This enables combining databases in multiples but without merging common folders across the processed NSF files. Each folder is auto incremented for being distinguished.

Combine ALL NSF Data

Combine All NSF Data

You can combine the complete mailbox data while merging databases together. The NSF Merge Tool is programmed to combine not just email folders but the rest of the data too. This includes all mailbox contents such as, address book, calendar items, and more.

Remove Duplicate from NSF file

Remove Duplicate Items

Unnecessary data can be excluded from being merged to save time and storage space. You can exclude duplicate entries, if any, from being merged. Once the option is enabled, the tool will auto-detect duplicates and eliminate them from being merged.

NSF Merge Tool

Eliminate Deleted Items

Similar to duplicate entries, the users can customize database-merging process by preventing Deleted Items folder from being combined. This enables the generated output to have more storage space and less unneeded data in it.

combine NSF file

Change Display Name

Further customization is featured and supported by the application to improve user experience. You can change the display name of the output NSF file generated post merging the processed database. This makes it easier to distinguish the file.

Combine NSF File Video

How to Merge NSF using the Product?

Steps to NSF Files Combiner


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