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MBOX Viewer Freeware

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MBOX File Reader is a distinct software, which facilitates users to view MBOX files together with attachments irrespective of their email client. This utility does not need installation of any supportive application for opening MBOX files in Windows OS.

  • MBOX Opener helps to view MBOX files along with attachments in batch
  • Installation of supporting email client to open MBOX file is not mandatory
  • MBOX Reader can read MBOX file of any .mbox supported email application
    The MBOX Viewer Software helps to view MBOX emails from by various .mbox supporting email client applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Entourage, Eudora, Netscape, Google Takeout, Apple mail, Pocomail, The Bat, etc.
  • Generates instant preview of MBOX data files with entire meta properties
  • Total item count is displayed in front of each folder / sub-folders of MBOX file
  • The application is having simple user interface to open MBOX with email
  • MBOX File Opener works efficiently with Windows 10 and all below editions

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Open, View and Read MBOX File Emails

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Windows MBOX Viewer Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of MBOX File Reader

Key Features of Free MBOX Opener Tool

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View Emails with Attributes

Preview, open and read MBOX file emails with proper formatting. This MBOX Viewer Software can list mailbox emails along with its associated properties as follows: From, Subject, To, Sent date, Received date, Size in Bytes etc.

mbox format viewer

Display Emails with Attachments

Free MBOX opener tool provides an independent solution to view MBOX files emails with all its properties. Attachments of the selected email can also be viewed through this viewer. The Utility supports displaying of all types of attachment like image, documents, .ppt etc.

read mbox with email

Scan MBOX File to Extract Data

MBOX file reader is capable of performing the quick scan on the individual MBOX file and displaying all of the extracted emails along with its folder in a proper structure. It will show a status of scanning process with attributes like the name of current processing file, its size (in KB) and creation date.

open mbox file in thunderbird

Change Screen Viewing Mode

It happens that some files are easily readable in landscape view and some in portrait. By default, Gmail MBOX Viewer Software shows emails with attachments in horizontal view. But, users can change it to vertical mode according to their convenience of opening MBOX file in Windows.

mbox email extractor

User-Friendly Interface

There is no complicated structure associated with this MBOX Opener tool. The steps are so cleared that even a nontechnical person will not encounter any difficulty while operating it. The technicalities in the mailbox file reader are fitted in a manner that no one will face any issue in viewing MBOX file.

display mailbox data

Display MBOX Files in Batch

The tool is able to open and view data of multiple MBOX files in a single pane. This can be performed by adding each MBOX file one-by-one in the software and then, allowing the utility to list them. The folders and files with their original name will be displayed in this MBOX Reader.

no email client installation needed

No App Installation Needed

There is no compatibility problem with this utility because email clients like Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, etc., are not required. Free MBOX viewer Software can open and view and read MBOX file messages on any machine having MS Windows operating system within it.

mbox format viewer

MBOX File Size Limitation

No file size limitation is present while using this tool. Users can view and open MBOX file of any size for exploring file data with this free MBOX file opener. All email folders with their sub-folders will be loaded in this application on the left-hand side of the screen.

Product Guide of MBOX Viewer Software for Windows

How to View MBOX Files on Windows Using MBOX Opener Tool?

Watch!! How to Read MBOX File Data Using Free MBOX Viewer
Open MBOX file Emails and Attachments – FAQs
“Recently, I have upgraded Windows 8 OS to Windows 10 and now, I want to use your application. Please let me know if this utility is compatible with Windows 10 or not?”

Ans: Yes, this MBOX Opener tool works on MS Windows 10 operating system. Even more, this wizard is compatible with all the below version of Microsoft Windows 10 like 8, 8.1, etc.

“In a single folder, there are many MBOX files within it. So, is it possible to add all of these files altogether because adding them one by one is very time-consuming?”

Ans: No, this MBOX file Reader enables you to view MBOX files in batch but, not help in adding them, simultaneously. The tool supports one-by-one adding MBOX files to view their contents.

“I want to add all the emails present in a folder but, I am afraid that the size of the file will be too large. So, please tell me maximum permitted size that can be opened using the MBOX Email Extractor?”

Ans: No, there is no restriction on the size of MBOX file that is to be opened. Also, you can instantly preview MBOX file with the help of this inbuilt viewer.

“I want to use MBOX email opener wizard to view and open MBOX file but, I am not aware whether it is program dependent or not. If yes, do I need to install all of the email clients?”

Ans: No, this product is an email client independent program. Neither Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mac, nor any other MBOX supportive email application is needed to work with this utility.

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