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SysTools Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail Tool

Size: 53.1 MB Version: 6.0

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Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail

Get the tool to convert Lotus Notes NSF file contacts into CSV for Gmail contacts. With the featured product, you can share the contacts with information fields maintained in them to a Google mail compatible CSV file. Convert Lotus Notes address book into Gmail contacts unlimited without encountering any failure.

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  • Migrate multiple Lotus Notes contacts to CSV for Gmail
  • Perform unlimited contacts conversion from NSF to CSV
  • Automatic preview generated of contacts with their fields
  • Know how to export Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail via trial

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Detailed Features

Special Feature of Notes Contacts To Gmail Converter


Convert Notes Contact to Google CSV

IBM Notes contacts are converted with all attributes and properties into Gmail via CSV. The software is programmed to support converting contacts with all associated information and attributes maintained throughout the conversion to Gmail CSV.

Unlimited Contacts

Convert Unlimited Names .nsf Contacts

Get the conversion of unlimited contacts carried out from Notes to Gmail successfully. Fully tested, the software has converted more than 10,000+ contacts from Lotus Notes. You can easily convert as many contacts as possible with it.


View NSF Contacts to Gmail Conversion

A preview of contacts from the processed Notes names.nsf file is generated on software panel. You can have a look at the information stored within the address book before proceeding to migrate Lotus Notes NSF to Gmail.


Convert Selective NSF Fields to Gmail

When proceeding with the conversion of Notes contacts to Gmail, users can choose the fields as per their preference. The software features an option to select/deselect fields to customize the contact conversion process of Notes to Gmail CSV.


How to Convert Lotus Notes NSF to Gmail CSV?

Steps to Export Lotus Notes NSF file into Gmail CSV


Lotus Notes Address Book to Gmail Conversion


Lotus Notes NSF To Gmail

“I happen to have a Gmail account as well as an account on IBM Notes. The contacts from my client application need to be moved over to my Gmail account. However, I don’t want to get myself into the mess of configurations and similar stuff. Is there is a simplified method that can be implemented to move Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail without technical assistance required?”
Ans: You need to get Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail transport application. We feature a bundle of options to not just simplify but also speed up the procedure to transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail. The simple user interface ensures that you will not require technical assistance to work on the application.

“In order to map the fields in my Notes address book, I have to set them up manually. Neither Lotus Notes, nor Gmail features an option to firstly, upload a names.nsf file secondly, map the contact fields automatically as per Google contacts storage pattern. Help me out, I am in urgent need of processing my contacts and have no solution on my mind yet.”
Ans: Lotus Notes Address Book to Gmail is a dependable tool that features all the right options for you to carry out contacts conversion. When you transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail contacts, the application creates a CSV file. During the creation, you can choose the fields to be converted from the address book and the software will map accordingly in the output.

“I have been using Lotus Notes for many years now and so the account stores around 2000+ contacts easily. However, Gmail offers much greater mobility thus; I wish to make a move so that my communication never stops. Is there a way to process 2000+ contacts? I want to copy Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail from Notes address book without complications?”
Ans: Yes, there is a way to do so, i.e. with the help of Lotus Notes to Gmail contacts converter. The product is programmed to support conversion of unlimited contacts. It is tested with the conversion of more than 10,000+ contacts. Therefore, the conversion of 2000+ contacts can easily be carried out with the software.


Client Testimonials for Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail

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