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Hyper-V Restore Tool

Size: 8.3 MB Version: 6.0

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Hyper-V Recovery Tool

Software to recover lost data from damaged / corrupted VHD or VHDX files and to repair them. The Hyper-V Restore Tool helps to restore permanently deleted and formatted files from .vhd or .vhdx virtual drives. There is no file size limitation for recovering and repairing VHD / VHDX files.

(Average Rating 4.5 Based on 80 Reviews)
  • Recover & Preview deleted, formatted VHD file in Hyper-V
  • Restoring the data from corrupted and dismounted virtual drives
  • Restore RAW file from formatted VHDX and VHD Partition
  • No File size limitation and easily to retrieve any size of VHDfile
  • Repair Dynamic & Static VHD data from NTFS and FAT systems
  • Provides Dual Scanning Modes to recover multiple VHD files
  • Supports Virtual PC, Virtual Server & Hyper-V create VHD file
  • Permanently deleted, formatted or re-formatted .vhd & .vhdx partition data recovery
  • VHD data recovery tool supports multiple languages for installation setup
  • Recover healthy VHD file data (with exact file name, type, size etc) without installing Virtual environment

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Detailed Features

Effective Features of Hyper-V Restore Tool

Preview Files With Attributes

Restore & Preview VHD Data Files With Attributes

Hyper-V Retrieve software helps to restore the VHD data along with images, videos, etc. Also, this application offers advance scanning option that allows retrieving the files from empty recycle bin, folder, and partition saved in VHD data files. After scanning, need to preview the corrupt data instantly. Once the user can see the emails, documents that found in VHD file then, the software will preview the selected files only.

Scanned Report

Facility to Save the Scanned Report of Partition

The software able to save the scanning report of partition. This advanced feature helps to save the time and provides the facility first, need to load scanned details of that particular partition whenever it requires being scanned again. The software provokes either user want to save the scanned data or not. If yes, then, the user able to save the scanned data for future reference.

Two Scanning Modes

Available Two Scanning Modes to Retrieve VHD Files

With the help of this tool, users allow to select the Recovery mode either Quick or Advance scan. Moreover, choose 'Quick Scan' for healthy VHD data files or even select 'Advance Scan' for corrupted or damaged VHD files. In case, if both the scanning mode become failed then one can go for Raw Scan option. This option is dealing with MBR corruption issue.

Search Option

Provides a Search Option within the VHD Files

After scanning completed, the tool gives the efficient searching data from scanned VHD files. With this option, users can easily find out any particular data present in the VHD file. Users only need to enter the name of the file or the file extension and the tool will list all the items available in it that match to search option.

Dynamic & Fixed

Allows to Recover Dynamic & Fixed .vhd Files

Using Hyper-V Retrieve utility, users enable to restore the Dynamic and Static VHD data files. Windows Virtual PC recovery software assures that each data from the uncountable VHD files may be recovered at once. Only the healthy VHD files also can be recovered with VHD data recovery tool without installing the virtual environment. Moreover, this tool helps to repair VHD files safely from both FAT and NTFS partition. It will support 32-bit of NTFS & FAT for Dynamic and Fixed VHD data file.

Folder Structure

Maintains Folder Structure and Save data from VHD file

The Hyper-v Retrieve Tool permits a user to store output data at any specific location after completing the recovery of VHD files. Entire data will be saved with Metadata and retains the folder hierarchy completely. In addition, users able to check or uncheck the particular folder to save the selective files only. However, this tool will able to delete all possible errors and easily recover the Hyper-V data in a Well manner.


How to recover Hyper-V data files?

Steps to Restore Hyper-V Data


Hyper-V Recovery Software


Hyper-V Restore Software Related FAQs

"I am having damaged VHD files and I want to restore those data from the VHD files in the corrupted or inaccessible state. Therefore, I just want to know that Is your software capable to recover the VHD data files.?”
Ans: Yes, this Hyper-V Retrieve Tool only restores the corrupted or inaccessible data from VHD files. In fact, it cannot repair a VHD data items.

“When I am trying the free version of the tool and need to browse my VHD files. After that, I am getting an error describing" Dynamic Partition is not supported in this edition". Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?”
Ans: Hyper-V Data Recovery supports 32-bit of NTFS and FTS file system. In any case, if users trying to operate Dynamic VHD files of FAT 16 and 12 then, the software unable to support them and may be failed.

Ans: Yes, VHD data recovery tool supports windows 8 or 10 OS and all its below Windows editions.

Ans: No, Hyper v recovery software enable users to added only one vhd or VHDX file at a time.

Ans: There is not fix time for recovery procedure. It is dependent on the size of virtual hard disk or data.

Ans: No, The vhdx data recovery software can procedure any size vhd file.


Client Testimonials for Hyper-V Recovery Tool

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