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Hotmail Backup Software

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Tool Backup Hotmail Emails to PST (MS Outlook file), PDF, MSG (MS Outlook message), EML (Windows mail) and MBOX (Apple mail & Thunderbird) file formats.

  • Backup Hotmail Emails in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and PDF
  • Archive Contacts in VCF and Calendars in ICS file format
  • Migrates Hotmail to Outlook, Thunderbird
  • Take backup of Email data from Multiple Hotmail Accounts
  • Option to delete emails from server after backup using Delete After Download option
  • Option to backup Hotmail account data incrementally
  • Backup selective folders and emails according to date using date range filter
  • Option for downloading Task and Notes data from your hotmail account.
  • Filter emails for Selective Hotmail mail backup
  • Option to Export Attachment on Disk for PDF writer
  • Download attachments with emails from Hotmail account
  • Internet Connection is Necessary for the Backup of Hotmail
  • While backup, tool creates same folder name for all labels and keeps same Folder Hierarchy
  • No PST
    Supports Backup Hotmail Emails to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.
    file size limitation as well as backup All size Hotmail accounts data

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Hotmail to PST

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Hotmail Email Backup Software Modules

Features, Video and FAQ's of Hotmail Backup Tool

Features of Hotmail Email Backup Software

Download Hotmail Email Folder

Supports Multiple Backup Format

The tool provides backup of multiple formats in local backup creation such as Hotmail Backup to PST, MBOX, MSG, PDF, EML. The output files can also be imported & used on their supportive email clients.

Download Hotmail Backup

Download Any Hotmail Email Folder

Product has folders Filter that allows downloading of all folders by default but any folder (inbox, drafts etc) can exclude or include during backup process.

Export Hotmail Emails into Outlook

Download Emails Between a Date Range

Hotmail Backup Software includes one more special filter that downloads Hotmail emails according to applied date range. Set mail filter option to download any specific time data.

Export Hotmail Emails into Outlook

Backup History Maintained

The Hotmail Software maintains the history of backup. In case the Internet connection is lost or the software stops in between the conversion of Hotmail to, still the history will be provided of how much data was downloaded.

Migrate Hotmail account emails to computer and hard drive

Save Emails to Desktop or Any Location

Backup Hotmail Tool has option to save hotmail emails into desktop or any other location of computer hard drive & pen drive. New folder can be also created while setting the storage location.

Delete After Download

Delete Data from Account after Download

Hotmail Backup Tool has very unique function "Delete after Download" By enabling the option, tool will permanently delete all those folders data which were selected for backup.

Pause/Resume of backup hotmail account

Pause & Resume

The application of archieve Hotmail to Outook comes with Pause & Resume function. While backup hotmail account, click Pause to stop the process and click Resume to start halted backup process.

interrupted Hotmail Email backup history

Interrupted Backup History & Resume Option

Advance algorithm is added in tool to create interrupted backup history. Just select the process from list and click to continue to re-start backup from last halted point.

incremental backup

Incremental Backup

The Hotmail Backup tool offers the option to perform backup in an incremental manner. It means, the user can skip the previously downloaded data and download only the new ones in the current process.

Hotmail Backup Software supportrs multiple Languages

Supports Multiple Languages

Program interface comes in multiple languages. English is default but it can be changed with other languages: German, Indonesian, Netherlands, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

How to Backup Hotmail account using the Product?

Steps to Backup Hotmail Account Data
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Hotmail Email Backup Related FAQ's
“Whenever I go for a meeting, I don't like taking my laptop with me all the time. It would be better to travel with a pen drive. So I just wanted to ask whether or not I can backup Hotmail emails to hard drive?”

Yes, you can save hotmail emails to USB drive, hard drive, desktop or even any location of the computer by using Hotmail Backup Software.

“MS Outlook is not installed on my system and I am unable to install it because of some system errors. Will this tool be able to work for Hotmail Backup to PST?”

Yes, MS Outlook installation is required to download hotmail emails to outlook pst file format. Software compatible to work with MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

"I was wondering if this tool could take backup of live and outlook accounts as I am eager to take backup of these two along Hotmail Backup."

Hotmail Backup Software supports to download & backup data from all Microsoft mail service alias (,,,,

“Internet connection is so slow in my area. Speed is not upto the mark due to some construction going on. I am worried if the connection breaks then what will be the outcome?”

Yes, internet connection is required for account data downloading. But if any how the connection breaks in between you can continue the process from where it gets interrupted. The Hotmail Email Backup Software creates a history of the transfer process thus click resume button it will restart downloading.

“If I delete some folders or files while or after taking the backup, Can I recover my deleted items from the Trash Folder or any other folder provided?”

No, you will not get data in Trash folder. If the option Deleted after Download is enabled while backup, Hotmail Emails Backup Software performs permanent deletion of backed up data after completion of download process from Hotmail Account.

“If I take hotmail backup in EML format, will I'll be able to get these file sin WIndows Live Mail and Outlook Express? As it is my company's demand.”

Yes, Hotmail Backup Software saves data in standard EML file format. Thus user can open or import these eml files with windows live mail. Outlook Express, ThunderBird, Apple Mail and any other EML format supported mail client.

“As I am a MAC user, so the options and softwares are limited for me. If I take Hotmail Backup in MBOX, will it be possible for me to access all of the files in Apple Mail?”

Backup Hotmail Email data in MBOX file format on windows platform then copy that files through external hard drive or pen drive on Mac platform. Here, access these mbox files with Apple Mail, MS entourage. Also mbox file can be accessed through any mbox supported application such as Mozila ThunderBird, Eudora etc.

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