DXL to PDF Converter

DXL to PDF Converter Software

Open and read Lotus DXL files without platform or application dependency. DXL to PDF Converter helps consolidate DXL file in multiples into a single Outlook Data File storage. The software is featured with a freeware trial version too.

  • Convert multiples of DXL file into Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Preview DXL File: Email body, Header, & Attachments
  • DXL conversion with Rich Text elements maintained
  • Standalone Tool: Lotus Domino & Adobe Acrobat
  • Permits to run the utility with standard & guest account without admin privileges
  • Software allows for multiple files at once Using file browse mode
  • Maintain Hierarchy: On-Disk and Flat File Hierarchy
  • Create Searchable PDF file as output of DXL conversion
  • Learn DXL to PDF conversion with freeware trial version

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DXL to PDF Converter Module

Features, Video and FAQ's of DXL file to PDF Converter

Detailed Features of DXL to PDF Converter

Convert DXL to PDF

Batch Convert Lotus DXL to PDF

It is possible to convert multiple Lotus Notes DXL messages to PDF file. The Software automatically detects system directories and allows you to select folder(s) storing DXL files to be converted into a PDF file each. Also, save the PDF at source (DXL) location.

Convert DXL to PDF - File Conversion

DXL Calendar File Conversion

Convert DXL files into PDF file format with no application dependency. The software is supported to work on all available versions of Windows OS. It requires neither IBM Notes nor Domino Server configuration to function properly.

Preview DXL to PDF Conversion

Preview DXL to PDF Conversion

When you export DXL file to PDF format, it is possible to view the contents of the source file before conversion. The software gives a preview of the DXL file - email body contents, associated attributes, and attachments.

Move DXL to PDF

Selective DXL to PDF Conversion

Successfully convert Lotus Notes DXL to PDF file selectively with the help of provided checkboxes. Besides an equally successful bulk DXL file conversion, the software also features a conversion of selective DXL files for added user convenience.

DXL to PDF Exporter-Select PDF file

Choose PDF File Naming Pattern

During the conversion process, you can also choose a preferred naming pattern for the PDF files generated after conversion. The Naming convention is an option that features multiple sets of naming pattern for you to choose from and save DXL to PDF output.

domino dxl to pdf

Convert DXL with Hierarchy

Easily migrate DXL to PDF with hierarchy maintenance in the preferred style. You can either choose to maintain the original hierarchy of DXL file or choose Flat Hierarchy to save all the emails in a single folder common for all converted messages.

Watch DXL to PDF Converter Video

Export DXL to PDF Related FAQ's

Ans: If PDF is your choice for conversion of Lotus DXL files, then there is no tool better than the Lotus Notes DXL to PDF Exporter. The conversion is possible in a convenient manner, which enables selective file conversion at the source path or a preferred location of user choice.
Ans: You can easily transfer DXL calendar entries too using the tool to migrate DXL files to Adobe PDF. Additionally, as a supporting feature the software offers Naming Convention. This option enables users to save the converted data in PDF with a preferred naming pattern by choosing one of the given set of patterns. This way, the DXL to PDF convert tool offers you the option to generate easily distinguishable output.

How to Convert DXL to PDF?

Steps to Move DXL to PDF


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