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Disk Image Viewer

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Disk Image Viewer application is basically designed to open, read, and explore disk image file. It provides a preview of all type of disk image data files namely img1 on Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Capable to open, view & read disk image data files of any size
  • Provide a preview of disk image files like img2
  • Date-based filter to search for a specific data item in the file
  • Capable enough to restore deleted data from disk image files
  • Disk Image Opener is compatible with all versions of Windows OS
    The Disk Image Viewer can be efficiently implemented on all versions of Windows OS likely, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.
  • Holds on-disk folder structure & data integrity of data files

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Modules of Disk Image Explorer Software

Features, Video and FAQ's of Disk Image Opener Tool

Main Features of Disk Image Viewer

open Disk Image File Explorer

Scan, Open & Read Disk Image File

Disk Image Extractor tool is designed in such a manner that a user can open and read disk image file of all type that is, img3 To do this, a user just needs to add & scan disk image data file of any size to the software. After the scanning process, the utility will provide a preview of all data stored in those file without any trouble. One can easily open, view, and read any data stored in it.

Restore Disk Image informations

Restore Disk Image File Deleted Data

The best part about this free Disk Image Viewer tool is that a user can restore the deleted data items also from the disk image file. Apart from this, the software will provide a preview of all deleted data items in the red color within the application interface. Moreover, it maintains the data integrity throughout the process.

Advanced Search Option of disk image data

Renders an Advanced Search Option

Another attractive feature offered by Disk Image Viewer is that it provides users an option to search for a particular file by typing its name in the search text field. One can use the date-based filter option to find specific data from a particular date range. A user needs to set the range in ‘From’ and ‘To’ field and the tool will show the files falls under that particular range only.

Folder Hierarchy & Meta Properties Intact

Complete Preview of Disk Image Data File

As a user load disk image file to the Disk Image Explorer, it will first scan the file and then generate an instant preview of the file stored in it. In addition, it provides a preview of all attributes like file name, size of the file, file path, type of file, etc. Moreover, if these files contains any data file in it like img4 etc., the tool provides an inbuilt reader to preview all content stored in it.

How to Explore files Using Disk Image Viewer?

Steps to Open, View & Read Disk Image data

Watch!! How to Open & View Files Using Disk Image Reader

Frequently Asked Questions of Disk Image Viewer

“I am having large sized file, which is around 3 GB large in size. Now, I need to open it on Windows 10 OS. Therefore, I just want to know will this Disk Image Extractor software open the large-sized img6 file or not?”
Ans: Yes, a user can easily open, read, and explore any size disk image data file, including the .img7 file with the help of this application.
“I deleted some of my data files from Disk Image File and I need them back as they are really important for me. Now I am looking for the solution that can help in recovering deleted data from those files without any hassle.”
Ans: Yes, the Disk Image Viewer application is advanced enough to restore even deleted items from Disk Image file.
“I want to open a Disk Image File on Windows 7 OS. That is why I just want to confirm does the software has any prerequisite?”
Ans: No, the Disk Image Viewer software is designed in such a manner that I do not require any extra installation to open and read disk image data files on Windows OS.

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