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Active Directory Analyzer Tool

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View AD user properties and export a list of Active Directory users to migrate, reporting, auditing etc. The AD Browser software is designed in consideration of AD user requirements. It makes the task easier for both technical and non-technical Active Directory users to analyze and view data.

  • Display list of all users inside Active Directory along with details
  • Allow performing search for a particular user from AD Users list
  • Provide an option to extract and save User information in CSV file
  • Active Directory Analyzer Tool to view User properties in Raw / HTML
  • Supports Windows 10, and all below versions (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Active Directory Server must be available and active on the computer

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Modules of AD Browser Tool

Features, Video and FAQ's of Active Directory Viewer Software

Detailed Features of Active Directory Analysis Tool

browse AD User details

Windows Active Directory Analysis

Active Directory Analyzer Tool is capable enough to search Active Directory details of multiple users using its bulk mode. With this Active Directory viewer tool, one can get a clear view of user properties that are assigned for a specific user profile in a domain.

Search AD user domain

Search User Inside Domain

The software works regardless of the total number of users created within an Active Directory domain. Hence, one can perform a search operation for a particular profile and user properties using this analyzer utility.

view ad user properties

Offers Significant Options

With this AD Browser tool, one can view AD user properties and other details of an AD created user profiles. As the tool is designed with highly programmed algorithms so that it provides search accessibility permissions and restrictions.

analyse AD in html or in raw

HTML or Raw View Mode

The software allows users to view Active Directory user properties in two different modes. One can view the AD properties in HTML or Raw mode with the help of this advanced tool. This option makes this Active Directory Analyzer tool more efficient.

save ad data in csv

Extract AD Data to CSV

Once after viewing AD properties either in HTML view or Raw mode, users can extract Active directory data to utilize it in the future. The extracted information can be saved into CSV file format that is accessible from Windows operating systems.

analyse AD user details

View AD User Properties

The AD Browser tool provides a complete information of the user attributes. It renders complete details and it views AD user properties as well as user profile of an Active Directory Domain along with sheer perfection. For this, one can use its search option.

How to View and Extract AD Properties of Multiple Users?

Steps to Use Active Directory Analyzer Tool For Windows OS
Watch How to Browse and Extract Active Directory Data - Video
Active Directory Analyzer Tool Related FAQs
“I am searching for an instant solution that can save Active Directory users details in the local system without losing a single bit of data. Will this software help me to do the same?”
Ans: Yes, with the AD Browser is capable to extract and save the user details locally. One can save the data as CSV file format using this Active directory Viewer software.
“If the AD Server is not available in my computer then, will this Active Directory Analyzer Tool help me out to view AD user properties?”
Ans: In order to view and extract Active Directory user properties, AD Server must be present and activated on your local machine.
“There are multiple users created under an AD domain from which I want to get the details about only one user. Is it possible to do this? If so, then how?”
Ans: The AD Browser software is an efficient utility that includes the option to search for a specific user profile and user properties.
“I want to check the user attributes along with other details of Active Directory created user profiles. Is there any smart way to search the accessibility rights?”
Ans: Using this Active Directory Analyzer Tool, you can search the access permissions as well as restrictions. The AD browser tool provides a complete view of AD user properties and details of created Active Directory user profiles.
“Recently, I have purchased new Windows 10 Computer (home edition) that has 4 GB of Ram and an i5 processor. So, if I will download this tool on my computer, will it works fine?”
Ans: Yes, the AD Browser software can be simply installed and run on Windows 10 (both 32 and 64 Bit) and all below versions without any inconvenience.

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