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Simple Way to Track Childs Phone Without Them Knowing

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Published On November 6th, 2023
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This thought of tracking out child’s phone makes us remember the old computer game, “The Oregon Trail”? Parents’ journey for raising all-rounded, sincere and productive children seems like an onus task. The threat of childhood diseases may have decreased to great extent with the advancement of medical science, but other problems owing to technology advancement has posed new obstacles for parents and guardians to overcome in this era of technical revolution.

Cyber Threats Kids Face

monitoring my childs cell phone

Our very cyber world is fully laden with many pitfalls as well as dangers that our children encounter at some or the other point in their lifespan. Browsing phones make the children get exposed to the unsuitable content. Technology has almost left the parents with little or even no choice, but to do something for intervening and preventing tragic consequences. Quite evidently, any parent’s initial reaction would be of taking the phone away from the child. But, the point is that many of us are totally relying on Smartphones for staying connected as well as informed. It isn’t practical to take a child’s phone away. But, thankfully, technology is now so adapted towards the evolving needs of such parents that there are now developed new methods for parents for checking on their children. For tracking your child’s phone, there are solutions that enable parents for having “plan B” options at their easy disposal. Now, parents are having the best of both worlds with phone tracking apps such as TeenSafe, which help them in checking their children’s messages and other Internet activities from their own cell phones.

Cons of Seizing Children’s Phone

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Parents must weigh all the pros & cons before they choose any such disciplining method for their wards, specifically when it is about the phones in use. Punishment is no solution! If children are misusing their phones and do not value their responsibility of phone ownership, then you must first carefully acknowledge all the consequences taking the device away.

  • One disadvantage of taking away the phone from your child is you will not about their whereabouts then.
  • Also, children cannot call for help in emergencies.
  • Children who drive might need to call for help in case the vehicle breaks down.
  • Isolation from peers
  • Phone keep them occupied, else they would get bored.
  • Authoritarian parenting style never works.

What Can Be Done?

  • Try and see what websites they are visiting
  • See whom they are texting
  • See if they are following social media etiquettes
  • Guide them
  • Keep an eye on their behavior during autonomy
  • Check their bank accounts.

Simple Way to Track Childs Phone without Them Knowing

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Install some monitoring apps, like TeenSafe, which allow you to see the phone messages, phone texts, and other internet activities of your wards. Once such apps are installed, all that you need to do is checking what your children are doing online. These programs run in the background and do not interfere with your children’s phone devices. So, they will not come to know that you are tracking their cell phones.


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  • It is better is the children are informed that their activities would be checked and their phones will be tracked. Being honest as well as upfront in front of kids eliminates any sort of future resentment in them.
  • Try doing monitoring, and not spying! There lies a big difference. Monitoring their activities openly definitely does not come under spying.
  • Checking and tracking are preventative measures, to avoid things like cyber bullying etc.
  • Try sitting with your children and looking at the text messages together.
  • Keep check if your children are receiving any kind of cyber threats or are getting victimized by cyber bullying.

It is difficult to raise kids rather our digital age kids with crowning achievements of technology. Many times, it might appear that your children are totally consumed by these electronic gadgets, but parents must remember that you are still the controller. Checking text messages and other phone activities behind their back causes conflict. If you are not able to track kid cell phone with the help of an app, take data forensic services provider help, they can easily track child mobile without them knowing help Likewise, taking away the device from them causes friction and inconvenience to the entire family. Parents can fetch easy apps and other such solutions to checking their children’s phone activities with utmost comfort.

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