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Know How to Protect Yahoo Email Account from Hackers? Explore!

Published By Deepa Pandey
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Published On November 6th, 2023
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A Few days back, you might have officially heard that Yahoo was hacked. In a post, Yahoo has affirmed that about 500 million client accounts were hacked, and uncovered individual information, for example, names, email addresses, contact numbers, birthday events, hashed passwords, and security queries and answers. Then, Yahoo has a justifiable reason that the hacking occurrence was crafted by a “state-supported performing artist.” The organization has attempted significant endeavors to ensure that their clients’ records are secured. Regardless of whether you are not a victim of the assault, the best move at this moment is to secure your Yahoo account. This instructional exercise contains some easy workarounds to resolve the most commonly asked user query i.e., how to protect Yahoo email from hackers? So, let us understand this scenario more clearly with the help of a user-query asked by a Yahoo user:

“Hello! I am in a suspicious condition because I think my Yahoo email account is hacked. It is so because I am not getting new email messages and some spam messages are automatically sent from my account to the contacts. Also, when I tracked my account login history it was showing various devices that I never use and locations where I never went. Please, someone, help me out to overcome this situation and tell me how can I secure my Yahoo account from being hacked. I will be grateful for your precious advice.”

Reasons to Encrypt Yahoo Email Account

A single wrong-click can uncover top secret company information, expose private financial statements, and spread sensitive negotiations. Owing to such causes it has become essential to go for email encryption. Here are some more reasons for what one should encrypt their Yahoo email account:

  • To avoid business risks
  • To protect the confidential information
  • To nullify email reply possibilities
  • To avoid the identity theft
  • Repudiation of messages sent
  • Unprotected Backups

How to Protect Yahoo Email from Hackers: Various Solutions

If you choose to stay with Yahoo account or simply required a Yahoo account for Flicker. Here are some ways to increase the security of your account or to prevent your Yahoo Email from being hacked.

1. Set a Strong Password

No manual steps for security would be accomplished without this essential tip. Your email is the critical account because you utilize it to log in from different devices. If anyone broke the security of your Yahoo account then, they can reset your account password and can mess with your online life. This is the reason for what users should upgrade their password strength before doing anything else. Even if you are utilizing a strong password even after that changing password is good to avoid the data breach.

  1. To do this, sign in to your Yahoo account
  2. Hit a click on your profile picture and choose Account Info for opening Settings
  3. Here, select Change Password link and enter a new password also re-enter it for verification

Note: Make sure that you have typed a strong password and do not re-utilize this password to any other accounts.

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Next thing you can do, to protect Yahoo email from hackers is enabling the two-factor verification because it is one of the best methods to protect your account. After activating this feature, users are required to enter the code sent to their contact number in order to sign in. This functionality ensures that even if someone has stolen your password, they cannot access your Yahoo account without your cell phone. Thus this methods is the best way to prevent your Yahoo email from being hacked.

For enabling this service go with down-mentioned guidelines:

  1. Go to the Account Info page and hit Account Security tab
  2. Click on Two-step verification and then, Yahoo will ask for your contact number
  3. Type your mobile number and select the suitable option from the text message or call to get the code for account login
  4. After receiving the login code enter it and click on Verify

Then, you have the chance to generate application passwords. Some applications, such as Mail on iOS and MS Outlook, does not support two-factor verification. Thus, in this case, users can generate special application passwords, this will enable you to sign in on those applications.

3. Update Your Account Recovery Information

If your Yahoo account got locked then you can access it with the help of your contact information. This option allows users to utilize another email address or contact number to get back the access to your account. This function also can be utilized in the case if you have forgotten your password. Subsequently, it is essential to verify that this information is updated or not. Execute below-mentioned steps to protect Yahoo email account from hackers:

  1. Navigate to the Account Info >> Account security
  2. Here, add mobile number and additional email address that you frequently use
  3. Choose category >> Add recovery email/phone
  4. After this enter the proper information

If you have entered the mobile number as recovery option then, you will get SMS on the same number otherwise email message on the registered email account.

4. Inspect Account History on a Regular Basis

Yahoo offers a helpful log of all account activity. Users can investigate this to determine that their account is safe or not. To Yahoo mail account Activity Log:

  1. Hit a click on Account Info
  2. After that, go to the Recent activity tab
  3. Here you will get a complete list of active sessions that will display the browser and used the operating system for each login and done activities
  4. Select any one to check the login details for last 30 days
  5. The detail includes IP addresses and locations

At the bottom of the screen, you will get the most recent account activities. If you are recognizing any activity suspicious then, change your password right away. This will automatically sign out your account every device and will helps to protect Yahoo email account from hackers.

5. Some Other General Tips

Here are some additional account security tips that will tell you that how to secure your Yahoo account from hacking and other malicious attacks:

  1. If you are using your email account on a public computer then, make sure to sign out it before you leave
  2. If you are using a PC then, utilize an updated and secure browser
  3. Protect your mobile device with a fingerprint, PIN, or any other security so nobody can access your emails and other crucial information
  4. Stay aware with the latest security updates

Concluding Lines

As mentioned in the above sections, Yahoo disclosed that it had suffered from a massive security breach in past few years. However, it is worth noting that users might want to leave Yahoo altogether. To avoid the data breach and other information loss conditions, users generally ask that how to protect Yahoo email account from hackers? Thus to answer this query, here we have mentioned some tricks via which one can prevent your yahoo email from being hacked. Also, take backup Yahoo Mail account, it is another method of securing data. Users can take help from a trusted third-party tool to accomplish this task successfully.

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