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NOC Monitoring Tools – Top 8 For Monitoring Your Networks Activity

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Published On June 15th, 2023
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An NOC, or Network Operations Center, is a centralized location or a group of people responsible for monitoring and managing the network infrastructure of an organization. The NOC experts use a specific set of NOC Monitoring Tools that help them in their day-to-day tasks. To ensure availability, NOC is generally a round-the-clock process. Hence, robust and feature-rich NOC Monitoring Tools are required to get the job done.


Important Features of NOC Monitoring Tools

There are several objectives for a NOC that are required to be fulfilled by the team to ensure the proper functioning of the network infrastructure. Hence, it is very important that the tool you choose for this purpose helps them and makes it easy for them. Some of these features are:

  • Proper Monitoring and Alerting Protocols: It is one of the primary functions of a NOC and hence any tool which they use should contain an easy and efficient monitoring system. Additionally, in the advent of an attack proper notifying and alerting functionality is crucial. The alerting functionality should be independent of the health of the network so that it does not fail even after the network is compromised.
  • Incident Management: The NOC Monitoring Tools should have efficient incident response protocols. These are the protocols that automate the attack response mechanisms like ticketing and escalation. This allows the NOC team to efficiently handle and respond to incidents.
  • Performance Management And Other Aspects: The NOC tools should have specific functionalities to monitor and manage network performance. This is a must-have in any NOC Tool you use and is one of the primary features.
  • Automation: More the automation the better. The Tools having various automated features are generally favored because these are easier to use. Simple tasks like monitoring and also more important ones like ticketing and response systems can be automated. This makes it a lot easier for the team to carry on with their objectives.

List of the best NOC Monitoring Tools

Top NOC Monitoring Tools For Your Networking Needs

1. Solarwinds Monitor

  • Features: This NOC Tool has features like Advanced network monitoring, configuration change detection, automated issue resolution, vulnerability scanning, policy creation and monitoring, and much more.
  • Specifications: This monitor offers comprehensive monitoring and management utilities for your ease of use.
  • Advantages: It has a user-friendly interface, proactive detection of configuration changes, automated resolution of network security issues, etc.

2. Auvik

  • Features: This is one of the fantastic NOC Monitoring Tools in the market which offers Network mapping, system management tools, network device discovery, configuration management, and also automated network documentation.
  • Specifications: It features SaaS-based network mapping and management, an intuitive interface, and supports multi-vendor network devices.
  • Advantages: It is user-friendly and has automated network documentation and efficient system management tools.

3. Datadog Network Monitoring

  • Features: This tool is a very good option because it has a visual network overview, network performance monitoring, and real-time alerts.
  • Specifications: This NOC Monitoring Tool has a Cloud-based platform, supports a wide range of network components and technologies, and offers comprehensive network monitoring and analysis.
  • Advantages: You will find out that this tool has Intuitive visualizations, real-time monitoring, and alerts, comprehensive traffic flow analysis etc.

4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

  • Features: This NOC Monitoring Tool features SNMP-based monitoring, packet sniffing, WMI monitoring, customizable dashboards, alerts, and notifications.
  • Specifications: Free network monitoring software, supports a wide range of monitoring methods, scalable for networks of any size.
  • Advantages: Ease of use, versatile monitoring capabilities, customizable dashboards, and reports, cost-effective with a free version available.

5. ManageEngine OpManager

  • Features: This utility features tools like SNMP device monitoring, switch monitoring, server monitoring, virtualized network service monitoring, etc.
  • Specifications: It supports a wide range of network devices and services,
  • Advantages: You will come across robust SNMP monitoring capabilities, intuitive dashboards, customizable alerts, etc by using this tool.

6.Nagios Core

  • Features: This tool has various useful features like Dashboard view, alerts system, community plugins, extensibility and other very important ones.
  • Specifications: It has features like open-source network monitoring tool, and supports a wide range of plugins and extensions.
  • Advantages: The advantages include flexible and customizable monitoring, and active community support.
  • Features: This utility has certain specialized functionalities like SNMP and IPMP monitoring, alerts system etc.
  • Specifications: Specifications are plenty, some of which are open-source network monitoring software, supports SNMP and IPMP monitoring etc.
  • Advantages: There are various advantages of this tool like comprehensive monitoring capabilities, extensive community support, etc.
  • Features: This NOC Monitoring Tool has an open-source network monitoring system, DSL for configuration, extensions and plugins etc.
  • Specifications: Specifications wise, this tool has DSL-based configuration, supports a wide range of extensions and plugins etc
  • Advantages: While using this tool, there are several advantages like versatile and extensible monitoring, robust configuration options, active community development.

These are our top 8 recommendations for NOC Monitoring Tools which you can use for your NOC applications. Make an informed decision and manage your networking needs.

Keep in mind that it is very important to review the official documentation and feature lists of each tool according to your specific requirements and preferences.


In this article, we have mentioned the Top recommendations for NOC Monitoring Tools. We have mentioned about the uses of NOC and why proper NOC tools are essential in the functioning of the NOC team. Read this article and make an informed decision while choosing your NOC Monitoring Tools.

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